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Good Prevails: How TEGNA’s Texas Stations Came Together for Hurricane Ida Relief

When disaster strikes it’s all hands on deck, and nobody knows that better than Team TEGNA. All of TEGNA’s stations in Texas came together, quickly, to provide relief for their neighbors in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Stephanie Wilcox at WFAA and Dale Lockett at KHOU are here to share the details of how TEGNA is committed to serving the greater good of our communities. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: September 16, 2021

When Hurricane Ida hit Louisiana, Stephanie Wilcox, Director of Community Marketing at WFAA in Dallas, and Dale Lockett, Director of Local Programming & Community Marketing at KHOU in Houston, knew they needed to act fast in order to help their neighbors.

“It’s something that we didn’t hesitate to do,” said Lockett. “As we saw the size and the category of storm, we knew this was going to be just an awful event for Louisiana that would take weeks, months, if not years, for them to recover from.”

The pair worked together with all of TEGNA’s Texas stations – WFAA, KHOU, KENS, KVUE, KCEN, KAGS, KYTX, KIII, KBMT, KJAC, KWES, KXVA, and KIDY to get the Texas Cares: Hurricane Ida Relief campaign up and running as soon as possible. 

“It’s really important for us to get the message on-air as quickly as possible because that’s when news coverage is happening,” said Wilcox. “We need to be there with the solution as soon as we’re also there telling the story.”

In conjunction with the American Red Cross, the campaign includes news coverage, phone banks, and donation pages, viewers are encouraged to donate to relief efforts, which range from providing food and water, to shelter and power generators. 

At the end of the day, the campaign generated more than $112,000 with donations coming from all over Texas and every TEGNA market. Donations go directly to the American Red Cross’ Hurricane Ida relief efforts.

“No other media company has the size and scale that we have in order to do something like this. The results are, just tremendous and I’m just proud of the total team effort that went into pulling this off,” said Lockett. 

“I think it’s fantastic,” adds Wilcox about the campaign results. “I think that there are so many people, especially in Houston and Dallas who relocated to our markets after Katrina. We’ve all been through that hurricane situation and know how serious it is and how damaging it is. It’s really personal to Texas whenever Louisiana is affected.” 

It all ties back to TEGNA’s mission to serve the greater good of the communities it serves.  

“We were talking to the folks that called in and they shared how they want to help,” Lockett recalled. “It’s just so heartwarming to hear our viewers say ‘we’ve got a little to give and we want to give what we can to help in Louisiana.’”


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