For years, Texas Mutual Insurance Company has relied on KVUE to amplify its messages across Texas. Both brands took things to new heights with ‘Trade Up Texas.’

Meredith Cunningham Published: November 5, 2020

At the end of the day, Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s goal is to make sure that Texans go home safe. In the unfortunate event that they end up injured, Texas Mutual wants to get them well and back on the job. With marketing, the goal is to really make sure that audiences in Texas understand that, and that its value proposition is a little bit different from the competition. 

“We’re not selling on price. We’re really selling on the mission and we’re selling on values,” says  Jeremiah Bentley, Vice President of Marketing and Community Affairs at Texas Mutual.  

Since 2017, Bentley has relied on TEGNA station KVUE in Austin to help get that message out. It’s also a message that TEGNA continues to help to deliver to audiences, even during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  

Evolving Marketing to Meet Pandemic Challenges  

“Our biggest challenges as marketers are keeping up with the way that people consume media. It has changed a lot, especially during this pandemic, and we expect those challenges to continue,” says Bentley. “As an advertiser that sells a business-to-business product, the way that we respond and the way we reach people is going to continue to evolve. We’ve had to reflect on our advertising mix to meet our new goals.” 

That’s where the KVUE team comes in. “I feel like that team is very proactive. They’re really looking at the latest research and the industry.” Bentley then adds, “It’s really important for us to have a diverse mix of opportunities available with our media partners.”  

Trade Up Texas 

Included in that diverse mix of opportunities available is Trade Up Texas, a program created in tandem with TEGNA, KVUE, and Workforce Solutions Capital Area, a leading workforce development organization. Knowing that the Austin Metro areas will have more than 60,000 middle-skill openings to fill over the next five years, the program’s mission is to create “a stronger, safer Texas” by helping to recruit a new generation of skilled tradespersons.   

Bentley recalls, “We had a meeting with KVUE and really talked about the issue. They came in with research. They came in with really strong messaging about why careers in the skilled trades were important, about what it would mean to people to be able to work in those industries.” 

What came next is a series of advertisements, both online and digital, targeted to specific demographics. “We were really able to target in a way that we hadn’t targeted before,” Bentley explains. 

“For this program, we had two audiences. We had one audience were these job seekers, 18 to 24-year-olds. They tend to be digital consumers and digital natives. But then we also wanted to reach their influencers, their parents, their aunts and uncles, the people at their church, their school counselors. We use traditional like over-the-air television to be able to meet that group. Through this mix of advertising services, we’re able to hit everybody.”  

KVUE Delivered Overwhelming Results  

To say the Trade Up Texas program is a success might be an understatement. It even caught the attention of Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Senator Ted Cruz – both wrote letters congratulating Texas Mutual on the success of Trade Up Texas.  

“This program really blew us away in terms of the outcome. We were initially overwhelmed by the response” notes Bentley. “Even in times of COVID programs like this have paid off. When this pandemic hit and there’s all this disruption in the economy, we were able to leverage our relationship with KVUE. We were able to get intelligence from the workforce board, and recognition from elected officials we met along the way through this program that we wouldn’t have met otherwise.”  

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