How Sam Pack Five Star Ford Fulfills Little Wishes to Help in the Community with WFAA

With TEGNA’s promise to serve the greater good of our local communities, Sam Pack Five Star Ford works with WFAA, not to sell cars, but to provide much-needed resources with a program called Little Wishes, which grants small acts of kindness to struggling members of the community to help them get by.

Meredith Cunningham Published: February 8, 2022

With a promise to serve the greater good of the communities we serve, TEGNA’s local stations and clients are no stranger to cause marketing. Trey Russell, General Manager of Sam Pack Five Star Ford in Carrollton is one of the local businesses working with TEGNA’s WFAA to do just that.  

“These last two years we’ve seen things that nobody has ever thought that we’d have to go through. There’s been a lot of challenges and people need help,” says Russell.  

That’s where the Little Wishes program comes into play. It’s a program that all six of Sam Pack’s dealerships and corporate offices are participating in, granting small acts of kindness to members of the community to help them get by.  

“When we teamed up with WFAA on Little Wishes, the thought was ‘how can we help the community?’” says Russell. “I think that WFAA, TEGNA, and Sam Pack all have the same values. We want to help the community. It’s not all about us just selling and servicing cars. It helps people in need that might be down on their luck a little bit, and if we just help them a little, then they can stand back up and get going with their lives.” 

Building on a 20-year relationship with WFAA, Russell teamed up with his most trusted advisors to sponsor a program called Little Wishes. As part of the program, the Sam Pack auto group is able to grant a Little Wish to someone in need. In June of 2021, they donated $3,000 in gift cards, and a family trip to Six Flags, to help out a woman named Deborah who recently lost her mother and her husband, leaving her to be the sole provider for her family of four: her three granddaughters and her son with Cerebral Palsy.  

In another instance, Sam Pack gave a washer and dryer to a grandmother who was struggling to provide for her three granddaughters, and often unable to afford the price of doing laundry at the laundromat.  

“It’s probably every week that I get a phone call, a text, or somebody that watched Little Wishes, and they thank us. It’s good to know that other people get to see that we don’t do it for the publicity. We do it to help out our community, our fellow friends, our neighbors and I think that’s what WFAA does as well.”  

Emily Holliday, Account Executive at WFAA agrees and has also received thoughtful and positive feedback. “One of the ladies wrote back to our community department and said, ‘I know that you call this campaign a little wish, but this little wish was a big wish to me,” Holliday recalls. “It’s great to see the Sam Pack Auto Group just really embrace the community like that.” 

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