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Reaching Audiences as Diverse as Communities We Serve 

Audiences are more diverse and unique than ever and that’s why, as a local media organization and marketing partner, we promise to provide audiences as diverse as the communities we serve in 2023.  

Meredith Cunningham Published: December 30, 2022
Reaching Audiences as Diverse as Communities We Serve  image

From coast to coast, TEGNA’s news stations have a mission to serve the greater good of local communities. This includes keeping our advertising partners in good company with our second-to-none marketing solutions and good people who deliver great results to thousands of businesses – large and small.  

As one of the nation’s largest local media organizations, we are committed to ensuring our content reflects the diverse communities we represent. As a marketing partner, we’re focused on providing audiences as diverse as the communities we serve in the year to come.  

That’s because audiences are more diverse and unique than ever. From the Boomers in Buffalo to Gen Z in Georgia, each audience segment is unique in its own way. For example, suppose you’re an auto dealer in Atlanta. In that case, you’ll want to take a different approach in reaching Gen Z auto-intenders than if you’re a non-profit in New Orleans seeking to drive donations among Baby Boomers.  

Each audience segment across the country is unique in how they want to be reached by brands, what products they buy and which services they’re looking for. They’re also consuming content in more ways than ever, whether over the air, OTT streaming, listening to podcasts, or reading digital content on the web.  

That means it’s time to embrace this diversity, even though it poses a significant challenge for brands looking to reach their ideal audience. Therefore, in 2023, Team TEGNA will be dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions to help our partners reach these diverse audiences and find their perfect customers. These include:  

TEGNA AudienceOne 

First-party data will be all the rage in 2023, and TEGNA AudienceOne puts us ahead of the curve as one of the only first-party audience targeting tools in the local media industry – ensuring that our partners can confidently reach target audiences at scale. 

As we say goodbye to Google’s third-party cookies in the upcoming year, using audience data from TEGNA Websites & Apps, TEGNA AudienceOne offers a new level of targeting sophistication for advertisers by using TEGNA’s first-party data to reach target audiences in a privacy-first way.  

TEGNA Station Streaming+ Apps 

As streaming viewership continues its exponential rise, TEGNA continues to invest in the space. In 2022, we launched streaming apps, such as 11Alive+ and WTHR13+, for each of our stations across the country.  

This new generation of ad-supported streaming apps offers our viewers access to the best of TEGNA, including 24/7 access to breaking live and on-demand local news, newscast replays, extended live coverage, weather, and station specials and investigations. Additionally, on-demand content from the Locked On Podcast Network, VERIFY, Daily Blast LIVE, True Crime Network, and Quest is available.  

TEGNA Attribution 

To ensure these solutions are helping your brand reach its ideal audience, TEGNA Attribution enters the equation. Using TEGNA Attribution to measure a campaign’s results, advertisers can drill into the data and tell if the person is in your store, on your website, or downloaded your app because of seeing your ads via streaming, linear, or digital platforms.  

Then, this data can be used to prove the value of TV/streaming schedules to drive business results, make optimization decisions, and maximize the efficiency of paid media. 

For example, one of our clients in Atlanta used TEGNA Attribution in 2022 to see that OTT streaming extended their reach by 87% and increased their OTT investment while optimizing creative by airing during dayparts which drove more visits to their website.  

 Let’s Get In Touch in 2023! 

Continuing our commitment to keeping our clients in good company in the upcoming year, we promise to deliver audiences as diverse as the communities we serve. Whether you’re on Main Street or a Mom and Pop shop, TEGNA has an ideal audience for you. Let’s get in touch.  

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    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>