Super Bowl LVI: 4 Ways Brands Can Align With The Biggest Game of the Year 

It’s the kind of edge-of-your-seat, seat-of-your-pants excitement that only comes once a year. And for Super Bowl LVI, TEGNA has the best seat in the house. Here’s how your brand can score major points with activations surrounding the biggest game of the year.

Meredith Cunningham Published: January 21, 2022

Not only did Tom Brady set new records during Super Bowl LV, records for viewership were also broken. In 2021 Super Bowl LV was the most live-streamed game in history, averaging 5.7M viewers per minute, up 69% from 2020. On top of that, the big game also drew an average TV audience of about 92M viewers.  

For brands looking to advertise during the Big Game, the good news is that you don’t need to spend millions to reach millions. With your local TEGNA NBC affiliate, there are ample opportunities to align with the best coverage from TEGNA’s sports journalists – from broadcast and streaming to digital and effective measurement solutions.  

Here are a few ways your brand can get in on the action without breaking the bank: 

Align with Pre- and Post-Game​ Coverage on TEGNA Stations 

Whether a fan is too busy to catch the pre-game action or if they missed some of the game itself, your brand and TEGNA stations will have them covered with a sponsorable segment called 5 Things You Need To Know during both pre and post-game coverage. These segments will preview and recap the top five storylines fans need to know.   

Super Bowl Fun Facts  

Not everyone watching the big game is a big football fan. Facts and stats about players abound, but it turns out some of the lesser-known facts may be just as interesting. If a casual fan has ever wondered how many new big-screen TVs are bought before the big game, or how many pizzas are ordered, ​your brand can empathize with this audience by sharing fun facts that aren’t necessarily related to the game. Who Knew? is a fun and informative content series that will profile some of the lesser-known, but certainly not less interesting facts related to Super Bowl LVI. ​ 

Super Bowl Super Fan 

Super Bowl LVI has the ability to inspire us all. For some fans, it’s not enough to cheer on their favorite team. They MUST put their fandom on display for all to see. The Super Bowl Super Fan is a sponsored social media-driven campaign where fans can share their fandom through photos or videos of their passion or even feature their pets or kids.  

​Join HeartThreads MVPs as we share heartwarming, inspiring stories that highlight the amazing efforts of NFL athletes off the field and how they make a difference in their local communities. In this program, sponsoring clients can serve as the exclusive partner of HeartThreads MVPs showcasing the best, uplifting stories of the Super Bowl LVI.  

Best Seat in the House Sweepstakes 

Super Bowl advertisers have a unique opportunity to leverage the passion and excitement of the Super Bowl with an interactive contest or sweepstakes, such as Best Seat in the House. In this sweepstakes, TEGNA stations have the ability to offer viewers a chance to win fantastic prizes to make the most out of their Big Game watching experience to drive brand engagement across on-air, digital, and social platforms.​

About TEGNA 

The power of the Super Bowl presents a unique opportunity for brands to see the unmatched reach of passionate fans with unique messaging and a halo effect. With 64 stations in 51 markets, award-winning journalists, and coverage, TENGA stations are uniquely positioned to help your brand reach its goals no matter what business you are in. Let’s get in touch and get you in good company.  

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