Year in Review: Celebrating The Good People at TEGNA

At TEGNA, we’ve had a good year with good people. With award-winning leadership from Nicki Harkrider, Matt Ginn, Lynn Beall, and Dave Neway, to our fantastic sellers and Account Executives like Mark Young, and our Award Winners Jessica Daigle, Carolyn Mungo, Adam Ostrow, Gillian Busch, and Meredith Conte we’re more than proud to be in their good company and look forward to everything coming in 2022. Join us in celebrating everything our good people bring to the table. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: December 15, 2021

At TEGNA, we’ve had a good year with great people. From award-winning leadership to our fantastic sellers and Account Executives, we’re more than proud to be in their good company and look forward to everything coming in 2022. Join us in celebrating everything our good people bring to the table. 

Nicki Harkrider, Local Revenue Officer, TEGNA 

On #TeamTEGNA, we are fortunate to have smart female leaders at all levels of our organization. For Women’s History Month, we celebrated some of our most fabulous female leaders, starting with the fabulous Nicki Harkrider, Local Revenue Officer.  

“Being in good company means that we are all committed to doing GOOD work! There is a purpose, it’s more than a job,” says Harkrider. “It is about making a difference, changing lives and communities. The purpose is what drives me and I couldn’t be prouder to commit to GOOD!” Learn more about Nicki and her TEGNA purpose by clicking here.      

Matt Ginn, Director of Enterprise Sales, TEGNA 

TEGNA is proud to celebrate its diversity and commitment to its people. In celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we highlighted Matt Ginn, Director of Enterprise Sales, and all the good he brings to our company.   

“Being in Good Company starts with our purpose to serve the greater good of our communities by hiring the best talent, leading with good intentions, and delivering great outcomes,” Ginn says. “Seeing the personal and professional growth and development of team members through various sales enablement programs, training and learning experiences is one of the most rewarding experiences in my current role.” Learn more about Matt’s efforts to deliver great outcomes by clicking here.   

Mark Young, Multi-Media Consultant, WUSA 

What does it mean to be in good company? For Mark Young, a multi-media consultant at WUSA, it means embracing the mission to inform our audiences, to impact our partners, and to inspire all those around us.  

“What I love about my job is the process of growing trust and confidence with our partners as they seek to elevate their organizations,” says Young. “When I think about the power of TEGNA, I think about our organization and our ability to embrace innovation that drives success.”  

Watch the video to learn more about how Mark embodies what it means to be in good company. 

Lynn Beall, Chief Operating Officer, TEGNA 

Honored by Cynopsis as a 2021 Top Woman in Media, TEGNA’s Chief Operating Officer Lynn Beall is a shining example of what it means to Be in Good Company.  

“I feel proud that the culture we’ve built at TEGNA held us together as we moved to remote work, including changing the ways we brought people vital and lifesaving news and information about COVID-19,” Beall says. “I credit our strong team for their innovation and collaboration, but also for their emotional intelligence. They found new ways to check in with each other, celebrate successes, and keep their operations strong despite the challenges.”  

Click here to learn Beall’s perspective on meaningful career advice, the importance of local journalism, and what it takes to be a great manager.   

Dave Neway, VP of Ad Sales Marketing, TEGNA 

In November, we were so proud to introduce Dave Neway, TEGNA’s new Vice President of Ad Sales Marketing. In this role, Dave will be driving the development and the fulfillment of integrated and insight-based marketing solutions.  

More often than not, we’re judged by the company we keep, and for good reason – our associations can signal a great deal about who we are,” says Neway. “Accordingly, I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of Tegna’s good company and a steward of serving the greater good of our communities, from San Diego to Bangor.”  

TEGNA’s Award Winners: Jessica Daigle, Carolyn Mungo, Adam Ostrow, Meredith Conte, Gillian Busch 

In 2021, the good people of TEGNA were able to bring home several awards and accolades that we are proud of, solidifying our position as one of the top media companies in the country. Join us in giving a round of applause to: 

AdExchanger’s Ones to Watch: Gillian Busch, Senior Marketing Strategist, TEGNA  

As TEGNA’s Senior Marketing Strategist, Gillian partners with TEGNA’s national sales organization to drive new and non-traditional sources of revenue. Gillian’s approach clearly drives results but it also earns respect. Her combination of intelligence, active listening skills, and calm demeanor endear everyone to her. She is a rising star through and through.   

CMO Club Rising Star: Meredith Conte, Vice President of Consumer & Ad Sales Marketing, TEGNA  

As a recognized Rising Star, Meredith has driven remarkable results in organizational excellence, marketing innovation, and business growth. Yet, she remains humble. “ I share the honor with the entire marketing organization at TEGNA. They are the stars. They inspire me every day because of the good work they do serving the greater good of our communities,” Conte says. 

Cynopsis’ Top Women in Media: Jessica Daigle, VP of Sales Intelligence, TEGNA 

Our Senior VP of Sales Intelligence, Jessica Daigle, is recognized for her work with TEGNA Attribution, which, in 2020 alone, measured 7,000 attribution campaigns across a variety of verticals and delivered 17B impressions, 19M website visits, and 11M location visits. Learn more about Daigle here.  

Cynopsis’ Top Women in Media: Carolyn Mungo, Vice President & Station Manager, WFAA & KARE11  

Carolyn Mungo is a force for excellence in journalism. As vice president and station manager of TEGNA’s WFAA and interim general manager of KARE in Minneapolis, she inspires her team to produce trustworthy, original stories distinct from traditional news content. Learn more about Mungo here.  

Digiday’s TV Executive of the Year: Adam Ostrow, Chief Digital Officer, TEGNA  

As Digiday’s TV Executive of the Year, Adam Ostrow leads the charge to build audience trust, combat misinformation, and increase viewer engagement with the expansion of VERIFY and new station websites. “From a brand perspective, it can be a little scary to want to advertise with news considering all the misinformation going around,” Ostrow says. “With VERIFY, we are making sure our content is extremely trustworthy, which is a positive for advertisers. We are creating credible, accurate, and transparent content that upholds the highest standards in terms of clean and thoroughly researched journalism.” Learn more about Ostrow’s efforts by clicking here.  


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