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4th of July Marketing: Tips for Great Campaigns + Examples

Happy Fourth of July from #TeamTEGNA! The Fourth of July can be a great time to connect with your target audience. Learn more about our tips on how to drive impactful campaigns with real-world examples.

Meredith Cunningham Published: June 26, 2023
4th of July Marketing: Tips for Great Campaigns + Examples image

4th of July Marketing: Tips for Creating Great Campaigns

Happy Fourth of July from #TeamTEGNA! As with any big holiday, millions of TEGNA viewers turn to their local news teams for information on the festivities, weather reports, and inspirational ideas to create the best party ever. With decades of experience, we know what works for brands looking to connect with audiences. Here’s how your brand can get in on the action.

From sea to shining sea, local news has emerged as one of the safest environments for advertisers. It is a proven and powerful vessel for brand messaging – especially during the holidays. Learn more about how to create a successful Fourth of July campaign and why these marketing initiatives can help you better connect with consumers.  

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H2: The Importance of Preparing for 4th of July Campaigns

There are several reasons that brands should consider prioritizing 4th of July promotions:

Weather Impacts Sales: Specific industries, such as ice cream stores, sunscreen, and outdoor malls, will be positively impacted by the summer season. Watson Advertising finds 92% of people surveyed say that summers play an impact on how much time they spend outside. Also, 81% noted that home improvement projects and alcoholic beverage choices are affected by the summer weather.

Sales for Specific Product Categories are High: Since the Fourth of July centers around barbeques and outdoor activities, specific product categories benefit greatly through Fourth of July promotions. In fact, only 5% of Americans stated that they had no plans to make any purchases in preparation for the holiday. Consider the following stats:

Tips for Creating a Successful 4th of July Marketing Campaign

For companies looking to create more effective advertisements, consider the following promotional ideas: 

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Before creating any campaign, it’s important to understand a target audience’s desires, concerns, and challenges. Holidays can be a great time to connect with audiences through clever and creative ideas. However, if these don’t connect with your target audience, these ads can run flat, no matter how good the intention was. Before beginning any ad campaign, be sure to create customer personas so you understand what creative best resonates with your customers and what channels they prefer. These insights can then be used to create an effective media plan focused on data-driven insights. 

2. Offer Discounts & Giveaways

Summer sales are a great way to increase foot traffic and online sales. This can include discounts, product samples, or free shipping.

Giveaways can also be a great opportunity to increase engagement with your company. ZGrills use giveaways as part of their holiday promotions, which allows them to increase their social media footprint. Often, users have to follow their social profiles and tag two friends to be eligible for the giveaway. 

3. Highlight US-Made Products

If your store or company sells products manufactured in the United States, be sure to highlight those in your campaigns. These products can be showcased alongside patriotic messaging.

4. Partner with Local News Stations

According to the IAB, 84% of consumers feel that advertising within news increases or maintains brand trust, and 45% are more likely to visit the brand’s website or search for more information online. Below are a few ways to partner with local news stations:

  • Showcase Ads Alongside On-Air Coverage of Local Events: In Cleveland, hundreds of thousands of people will be checking in with TEGNA’s WKYC to find out where and how to celebrate this year’s festivities. For a brand advertising alongside both on-air and digital coverage, that’s hundreds of thousands of eyeballs that can see your messages as well.
  • Showcase Ads Alongside Weather Updates: Whether it’s temperatures in the 100s or if monsoon season will bring a downpour, your brand has a chance to align with TEGNA’s local weather teams that create a unique bond with millions of loyal users who depend on us to provide accurate, real-time weather forecasts so they can make informed decisions about their day.​ Since the 4th of July activities are weather-dependent, showcasing your services alongside the weather forecast can be a great addition to your marketing efforts.
  • Utilize Product Placements: In this throwback clip from 2018, lifestyle expert Parker Wallace from ‘Parker’s Plate’ shares a great 4th of July party spread on 11Alive’s ‘Atlanta & Company’ in which she shares a handful of products to have the best patriotic party ever – from huge grills to lawn mowers and more! 

5. Showcase Fourth of July Products

If your business has specific products for the Fourth of July, such as themed food, animal treats, or clothing, be sure to put some advertising dollars behind them. Here is an example from Old Navy. 

6. Prioritize Brand Safety

No matter which campaigns your company decides to employ; it’s important to prioritize brand safety. Your 4th of July ads should be showcased in environments that align with your company’s values. By working with reputable publications and news stations, you can ensure that your brand retains its value when showcasing ads. 

Sound Good? 

TEGNA is leading the local news industry with a commitment to providing consumers with trusted, accurate information and clients with advertising environments that are fraud-free and rooted in brand safety. Let’s get in touch to see if advertising with TEGNA is right for your brand

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