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Good Work: Exploring Great Solutions with Cochise County Tourism & Economic Council

Watch and discover how Kate Cox, Marketing Coordinator for Cochise County Tourism and Economic Council, partnered with TEGNA’s KPNX in Phoenix for a marketing campaign to help this unique set of communities in the southwest corner of Arizona become a popular travel destination and attract visitors from all across the country.

Meredith Cunningham Published: September 18, 2023

You may have never heard of Cochise County. It’s a unique set of communities in the southwest corner of Arizona, including Benson, Willcox, Douglas, Bisbee, Tombstone, and Sierra Vista.  

It’s a magical place where you can find ghost towns and fantastic wildlife, dine and taste wine, hike, bike, and stargaze.  

One person looking to ensure Cochise County becomes a popular travel destination and a household name nationally is Kate Cox, Marketing Coordinator for Cochise County Tourism and Economic Council.  

“The communities I represent through the council are very unique. They all have different multi-faceted opportunities and events for people to come and enjoy,” says Cox. “My goal is to get people to come down to the county and have a great time and really see what we’re all about.”  

“KPNX allows us to focus on demographics different from what we are used to having come and visit, and really target people who will come to enjoy our communities.”

She’s teamed up with TEGNA’s 12News in Phoenix to create a cross-platform campaign –  to bring in tourists seeking fun and unique experiences from hiking and birdwatching to wine tasting and exquisite cuisine.  

“Cochise County Tourism and Economic Council has four pillars that we use for our marketing:  wine tasting and cuisine, bird watching and wildlife watching, culture and history, and outdoor adventures,” explains Cox. “We used these pillars to determine which demographics we wanted to showcase in our campaign, and this allowed us to capture the audience that would really enjoy what we have to offer.” 

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Reaching New Audiences to Boost Cochise County Tourism

To reach this ideal audience at the local and state level, the Council sponsored content featuring local businesses in Cochise on Arizona Midday, 12News’ lifestyle show. These features include:   

To top things off, the campaign also included streaming and retargeting, allowing Kate to target at the national level, with a specific focus on demographics in larger cities, helping amplify messaging about everything Cochise County offers.  

“Who did we want to target to bring into Cochise County? We picked wine enthusiasts, young families, young adults, and outdoor adventurers,” says Cox. “In addition, we could target large cities without having to throw a ton of money at an ad and hope that it stuck. So instead of that spaghetti thrown at a wall kind of scenario, we really got to be more targeted, more specific, more effective, and get those results that we’re looking for.”  

And the results were nothing short of successful. The campaign’s Video Completion Rate (VCR) was around 97%, and retargeting click-through rates were nearly three times the industry average. 

Given the strong results, Cox said she’s looking forward to working with 12News more in the future.  

Cochise County Tourism and Economic Council is in good company with TEGNA and KPNX because they do such a great job working with us, giving us insights, and allowing us to provide our own feedback so that the Cochise County voice is really what’s heard through all the advertising and the campaign.

 “I had such a great time working with them. Cochise County is very dear to me. I love where I live, and I felt that they were also very passionate about this place. By the end, I’m sure they wanted to come out and see Cochise County as much as I love to live here.” 

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>