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Streaming TV Advertising

Being in the good company of TEGNA’s streaming advertising solution, PREMION, means you are in the company of over 125 branded networks. PREMION is a trusted partner for placing your ads alongside premium, long-form, on-demand and live streaming content. With advanced targeting, performance insights and seamless integration, PREMION delivers brand-safe and fraud-free inventory with precision and scale to reach the ever-growing and highly-engaged streaming audiences.

Starting in May 2022, local and national brands can also advertise on TEGNA’s new and improved Station OTT apps with 24-7 streaming access to live and on-demand news content and more, available through PREMION.

Clients across the country already benefit from advertising with our local news brands on linear, digital, and mobile, and can now add OTT to their media strategy to further extend their reach.

The power of TEGNA’s trusted content, combined with PREMION’s OTT targeting capabilities creates a valuable opportunity for brands to command audience engagement and amplify their messaging with one seamless strategy.

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