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Podcast Advertising

TEGNA offers multiple sponsorship opportunities on our podcasting platforms to build your brand awareness and help drive new business. From Pre-Roll to episode and series sponsorships, we can create a solution that works for you and reaches your target audience.

TEGNA’s premium podcast networks include VAULT Studios and Locked On Podcast Network. VAULT’s slate of programming focuses on true crime, cold cases, and unsolved mysteries. Several VAULT podcasts have reached the Top 10 in Apple’s True Crime charts, including the #1 hit podcast BARDSTOWN. Locked On is the leading podcast network for local sports, with daily podcasts for every NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL team, as well as major college sports teams and the first-ever podcast dedicated to HBCUs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podcast Advertising?

Podcast advertisements are audio ads that are played on podcasts and are either done by the podcast host or as a pre-recorded clip.

Why Should You Advertise on Podcasts?

Podcasts ads are an easy and effective way to reach consumers experiencing screen fatigue. Listeners know and trust the podcast host which gives your brand an automatic boost appealing to your target audience.

Is Podcast Advertising Effective?

Yes! Podcast advertising is a great way to target consumers. Since consumers are often listening to podcasts while multitasking, focus on podcast content increases. Podcast ads are the most recalled type of ad with 86% recall rate compared to 80% on social media and 79% on websites.

Ready to be in Good Company?

Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>