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Why Advertise Your Automotive Dealership Business?

According to TEGNA's 2022 study, Unlocking the Car Buyer of Today, more than 38% of consumers are considering purchasing a vehicle within the next year. For companies looking to build connections with this audience, it’s important to consider a marketing strategy. Advertising with TEGNA offers automotive dealership businesses the opportunity to maximize their exposure to this audience.

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Being able to attract new buyers to the Audi brand through TEGNA and KGW has been a game changer for us. We’re selling more cars now.

Josh Kampmann, General Manager
Audi of Wilsonville
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I wanted to get ahead of the curve and talk to my audience proactively. I applied TEGNA’s Unlocking The Car Buyer of Today e-book to my dealership. I tweaked messaging for my TV commercials to make my local messaging a little bit stronger. It’s really made a difference. My store’s up 40% year over year.

Bill Dickason, General Manager
Bill Dickason Chevrolet Buick
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I think I know what our customers want. I think I know what they need. With TEGNA Attribution, we can find out what works and what doesn’t, and we can constantly tweak our campaigns, try new ideas, and put new creative out there and see what the market is really receptive to.

Tim Miller, General Manager
Honda of Seattle
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The market's constantly changing, and I look to TEGNA to keep me in the loop. My job is to ensure that we take good care of customers, not figure out what the latest and greatest thing in marketing is. I'm not afraid to try what they suggest because that's what they do, and they're good at it.

Trey Russell, General Manager
Sam Pack Ford

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is automotive dealership marketing?

    Marketing is an effective way to grow your automotive dealership business. By creating an omnichannel experience across TEGNA’s broadcast TV, local websites, and mobile apps, you can grow your customer base and maximize sales opportunities.

    How can I promote my automotive dealership business?

    Advertising through different TEGNA media channels enables your automotive dealership brand to promote its products and services while growing brand awareness.

    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>