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What Team TEGNA is Thankful for in 2023

At TEGNA, we’re thankful for many things, including our people. In 2023, our outstanding experts from coast to coast have gone above and beyond by sharing their tips, tricks, and experiences with TV, Streaming, and Digital marketing solutions to help our advertising partners achieve their goals and then some. 🙂 Here’s a look back to what a great year #TeamTEGNA has had, and thank you, everyone, for sharing your expertise with the world!

Meredith Cunningham Published: November 7, 2023
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Choosing the Right Local Media

Choosing the Right Local Media for Your Advertising Campaign 
In today’s competitive business landscape, advertising locally is crucial to any brand’s marketing strategy. Choosing the proper local media channels is essential to promote your products or services to a local audience effectively. In this guide, we’ll explore local media, how to advertise locally, industries that benefit from it, various local media advertising options, successful local media campaigns, and the importance of creating a cross-platform strategy with Becca Monroe-Hardy at WLTX in Columbia, South Carolina; Michael Clifford at 11Alive in Atlanta; and Jeff Burrell at WWL in New Orleans.  

Kinzey FritzHow to Advertise Nationally: 5 Best Practices  
Depending on your brand goals, national, regional, and local brands looking to expand and grow their business could all greatly benefit from national TV ad campaigns. At TEGNA, Kinzey Fritz knows what it takes to create a national TV campaign that generates results. We sat down with her to get her insights on creating a national campaign that can move the needle for your brand. 

Exploring Great Solutions with Cochise County Tourism & Economic Council 
Watch and discover how Kate Cox, Marketing Coordinator for Cochise Country Tourism and Economic Council, partnered with TEGNA’s KPNX in Phoenix for a marketing campaign to help this unique set of communities in the southwest corner of Arizona become a popular travel destination and attract visitors from all across the country. 

Katie YapeHow to Make Your Ads More Clickable
The key to influencing audiences now resides in a brand’s skill of crafting advertisements that distinguish themselves from the masses, grab attention, and ultimately drive clicks. TEGNA’s Katie Yape, an expert in the dynamic field of digital advertising, offers tips to win the battle for consumer attention and, ultimately, capture clicks to increase ROI. 

Understanding Today’s Leisure Traveler: Unpacking Key Findings 
What does your brand need to know about the rebound in the travel and tourism industry? Tom Charno, Senior Consumer Insights Strategist at TEGNA, details key findings from our latest consumer insights e-book, “Taking Off: Understanding Today’s Leisure Traveler.”

Leisure Travel Download  

Heather TatarskyBeyond Impressions: Uncovering the Power of Brand Lift Studies for CTV Advertisers 
Our friend, Heather Tatarsky at PREMION, shares her perspective on how CTV advertisers are utilizing Brand Lift studies to measure the true impact of their CTV campaigns on viewer perceptions — with case studies that showcase the positive results via MediaPost. 

Joe AllenTackling the Power of NFL Season Advertising 
NFL advertising is a great way to reach massive audiences with broadcast TV, from the opening kickoff to Super Bowl Sunday. TEGNA’s Joe Allen has studied the Xs and Os and is here to call the plays. Join us as he explains the value of advertising alongside NFL content with Team TEGNA.   


John ViladeUncovering the Intrinsic Value of Premium Content for CTV Advertisers 
The verdict is in — Advertisers aren’t just recognizing the significance of premium content; they’re prioritizing it as a core element in their CTV ad buying strategies. Our friend John Vilade at PREMION discusses how advertisers must consider alignment with reputable, high-quality content as a pivotal factor for brand credibility. 

The Ultimate Guide to TV Advertising

The Ultimate Guide to TV Advertising 
Diving into TV advertising doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating. We’ve enlisted the help of industry experts at TEGNA to illustrate the benefits a brand can see with TV advertising and dispel some common myths and concerns in The Ultimate Guide to TV Advertising! Thanks to our experts Jeff Beacham, Steve Chase, Bryan Goldmark, Susan Marley, Julie Mecklenburg, Dan Meyers, Dave Neway, Frank Pallino, Wes Rodda, Pat Sullivan, WGRZ, WUSA, WTSP, Locked On Podcast Network, KING, KUSA, and TEGNA. 

Swapna PodlichTEGNA’s Marketing Power is in Video, Trust, Scale, & Reach
At TEGNA, serving the greater good of our communities includes bringing your business actual results and helping you grow and thrive by reaching the right customers at the right time. How do we do it? Swapna Podlich, Director of Product Marketing, explains how we harness the power of video, trust, scale, and reach to help your business bring in tangible results with TV advertising.  

Q&A: How to Make Strong Creative For TV Ads with Brian Kintz
As Creative Director at TEGNA’s Design Tank, Brian Kintz knows what goes into making beautiful TV ads with a strong message and, better yet, driving results. Here are his best practice tips to help your brand create the best and most effective TV ads ever.  


TV Advertising Tips & Tricks

Making TV Ads with TEGNA’s Top Experts 
TV advertising is the most economical way to reach your brand’s ideal audience. But how do you create ads that move the needle? And where do you place them? KARE 11’s Joanie Kraus, Michelle Redberg, and Sara Nellermoe are here with their best practice tips and tricks to help brands grow business with strong TV advertising. 

David GolerThe Biggest Mistake Home Service Companies Make on their Streaming Television Campaigns
The world of streaming TV advertising is big, but the best results for home services companies come from narrowing down your target audience. WKYC’s David Goler shares his #1 tip to consider when running ad campaigns on streaming TV.    

Here We Go: 3 Lessons in TV Advertising from the Super Mario Brothers Movie 
Have you seen the new Super Mario Brothers movie yet? If not, be prepared for a spoiler from TEGNA’s Meredith Cunningham: Not only do they save the world, but they can teach us a lesson or two on the importance of TV advertising.   

Eileen ArmasWTIC-TV: A Station Rooted in Connecticut Women’s History  
In 1975, Ella T. Grasso was elected the 83rd Governor of Connecticut. Beginning with her inspiration to today, several women at TEGNA’s FOX61 in leadership positions are vital to daily operations and successes. Director of Sales Eileen Armas details her team of fabulous females who should be celebrated for Women’s History Month. 

Georgia Davidson, KTVB

Celebrating Women’s History Month 2023: Trailblazer Georgia Davidson Leads Legacy of Strong Female Leadership at TEGNA’s KTVB
Being a working woman in 1953 was virtually unheard of. Unless, of course, you were Georgia Davidson. As the founder of KTVB in Idaho, Davidson left behind a legacy of community service through trustworthy journalism. She paved the way for several female leaders at the station, including Jessica Hagan, Kate Morris, Kristi Edmunds, Lisa Chavez, and Traci Liew. Join us in celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring Davidson’s legacy as a trailblazer, and learn what her legacy means for TEGNA’s advertising partners. 

Tom Charno3 Advertising Takeaways from Super Bowl LVII: Linear TV Crowned Champion and the Importance of Making Emotional Connections
With more than 113 million viewers tuning into Super Bowl LVII, TEGNA’s SVP Tim Fagan and Senior Manager of Consumer Insights Tom Charno are sharing what we can learn from this massive audience, the emotional nature of the ads and how brands can turn these takeaways into results for their bottom line.   

The BIG Game: How 12News Teams Champion Local Businesses when the Super Bowl and Open Come to Town
For two weeks, Phoenix became the center of the athletic universe, hosting Super Bowl LVII and the WM Phoenix Open. Michael Ogaz of TEGNA’s 12News discusses the opportunities for brands. 


Carlin Watkins Underlining the Importance of Embracing Diversity & Ditching a Limited Mindset for Black History Month
For Carlin Watkins, DE&I Engagement Program Manager at TEGNA, Black History Month is about recognizing the Black community’s pride and resilience. For TEGNA’s advertisers and brand partners, Black History Month is a time to remember how special it is to reach communities that, for a long time, have either been misrepresented or not represented at all. 

Katie Yape5 Ways to Hit the Bullseye in Finding and Reaching Your Brand’s Target Audience
When you have a good understanding of who your target audience is, you’ll be able to reach them more effectively. Katie Yape, Product Manager at TEGNA, shares tips and tricks for finding and reaching an ideal audience using our first-party data solution, TEGNA AudienceOne. 

New Year, New Plan: 6 Tips to Take Your Brand Marketing Campaigns Above and Beyond 
The new year is the perfect time to refresh your business’s marketing plan. Nancy Barre, Local Sales Manager at 11Alive, is sharing six tips to help business owners take their marketing campaigns above and beyond in 2023 – and how Team TEGNA can help you accomplish your goals.  

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