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4 Reasons For Advertisers to Sponsor the 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Olympics provide advertisers with a great opportunity to capitalize on the “awe” factor with sponsorship and target a dedicated fanbase. Learn more. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: July 20, 2023
4 Reasons For Advertisers to Sponsor the 2024 Olympics image

When the Paris Olympics take center stage next summer, ​the world will witness a breathtaking display of athleticism, cultural experiences, new sporting events, unrivaled sportsmanship, and unforgettable moments that will leave the world in awe. ​The events will undoubtedly be the most talked-about event next summer and are expected to be the biggest Olympics in recent memory. ​

Even without the Olympics, sports advertising is a valuable way to connect and engage with a loyal fanbase. With the Olympics, that value increases, making it an event your brand can’t afford to be on the bench for.

Why Sponsoring the Olympics in Paris is a Good Idea for Advertisers

For brand advertisers, the Olympic Games are a huge and significant platform to reach consumers with inspirational and powerful messaging that audiences crave. Not only do the Games promote feel-good moments and values of unity, peace, and friendly competition, it’s a time when countries put aside political differences and come together to celebrate the best of sport and humanity.​

Better yet, the 2024 Games will have new and unique experiences that audiences will love and advertisers can capitalize on.

1. Cultural ​Experiences

Paris is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, and the upcoming Olympics will offer a remarkable opportunity ​to experience the city’s unique atmosphere ​up close.​ Additionally, Paris is known for its iconic and historic venues, many of which will be used for the Olympics, offering stunning backdrops ​for each event. ​

2. The Most Sustainable Games Ever

These will be the first Games that are fully aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement.​ A ground-breaking emissions reduction strategy is in place for a 55% smaller carbon footprint than the 2012 London Olympic Games.​ Additionally:

  • 95% of venues are ​already built or temporary, minimizing environmental impact​
  • 85% of venues are within 30 mins of the Olympic Village, and athlete travel will be in zero-emission vehicles​
  • The Olympic Village will be a showcase of sustainable development with low-carbon and eco-design buildings fueled by 100% renewable energy ​

3. New Events for Younger Audiences

The Olympics showcase various sports and disciplines, catering to diverse interests, with four ​new events debuting next summer, including breaking (breakdancing), skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing.

4. Favorable​ Time Zone

Paris is only six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, allowing viewers to capture all the gold medal action throughout the day.  ​

Want to Learn More About How TEGNA Can Support Your Olympics Advertising Strategy?  

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