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4 Reasons For Advertisers to Sponsor the 2024 Olympics + Stats

The 2024 Olympics provide advertisers a great opportunity to capitalize on the “awe” factor with sponsorship and target a dedicated fanbase. Read on to find eye-opening stats that will prepare you to dive into the world of NBC Olympics advertising.  

Meredith Cunningham Published: July 20, 2023
4 Reasons For Advertisers to Sponsor the 2024 Olympics + Stats image

When the Paris Olympics step into the spotlight this July, ​audiences across the world will witness jaw-dropping showcases of unparalleled athleticism among favorite summer sports like swimming and gymnastics and new sports like skateboarding and surfing. It’s all but guaranteed that these games will be jam-packed with unforgettable moments that will leave the world in awe to become the most-talked-about event of the season. 

The Paris Summer Games are gearing up to be an epic extravaganza, and Olympic advertising is one way that brands can get in on the action and excitement. By supporting our teams, local athletes, and communities, brands can build brand awareness and become a part of the water cooler conversations. After all, being part of these discussions allows advertisers to tap into the pulse of society. When people are excited about a particular advertisement or campaign, they’re more likely to share it with others, amplifying word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Even without the Olympics, sports advertising is a valuable way to connect and engage with a loyal fanbase. With the Olympics, that value increases, making it an event your brand can’t afford to be on the bench for.

Why Sponsoring the Olympics in Paris is a Good Idea for Advertisers

The Olympic Games are a huge and significant platform to reach consumers with inspirational and powerful messaging that audiences crave. Not only do the Games promote feel-good moments and values of unity, peace, and friendly competition, but it’s also a time when countries put aside political differences and come together to celebrate the best of sport and humanity. The 2024 Games will also have new and unique experiences that audiences will love and advertisers can capitalize on.

1. Cultural ​Experiences

Paris is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, and the Games offer a remarkable opportunity ​to experience the city’s unique atmosphere ​up close.​ Paris is also known for its iconic and historic venues, many of which offer stunning backdrops for certain events, such as The Eiffel Tower Arena, which will host Beach Volleyball, and the Grand Palais, built in 1900 and known for its nave and glass roof, which will host fencing and Taekwondo events. 

2. The Most Sustainable Games Ever

These will be the first Games fully aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement.​ A ground-breaking emissions reduction strategy is in place for a 55% smaller carbon footprint than the 2012 London Olympic Games.​ Additionally:

  • 95% of venues are ​already built or temporary, minimizing environmental impact.
  • 85% of venues are within 30 mins of the Olympic Village, and athlete travel will be in zero-emission vehicles.
  • The Olympic Village will showcase sustainable development with low-carbon and eco-design buildings fueled by 100% renewable energy​.

3. New Events for Younger Audiences

The Olympics showcase various sports and disciplines, catering to diverse interests. Four new events, including breaking (breakdancing), skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing, will debut during these Games. 

According to IOC President Thomas Bach, these new additions will make the Games more youthful, urban, and gender-balanced. In 2020, he stated, “We have had a clear priority, and this is to introduce sports that are particularly popular among the younger generations and also to take into account the urbanization of sport.”

4. Favorable​ Time Zone

Paris is only six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, allowing viewers to capture all the gold medal action throughout the day.  ​

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10+ Olympics Advertising Stats to Guide Your Strategy

It’s not just the je ne sais quoi allure of Paris that makes advertising at the 2024 Olympics a smart move. The following Olympic marketing strategies and stats prove it’s a great opportunity to align your brand with a dedicated sports fanbase.

1. The Olympic Halo Helps Outpace the Competition

The Olympics create a strong and powerful halo effect for its official partners. Findings from NBCUniversal and BAV show that official partners see more than a 117% increase in positive association among Olympic fans. 

Additionally, according to BAV, official Olympic sponsors outperform non-Olympic partners in all areas of BAV’s brand equity pillars by 36%, which include:  

  • Higher esteem and loyalty (+49%)
  • Greater differentiation tied to excitement about a brand (+54%)
  • Pricing Power (+40%, post-sponsorship)
  • Loyalty (+40%, post-sponsorship)
  • More Relevance, a metric tied to market share (+39%)
  • Preference (+7%, post-sponsorship)
  • Consideration (+6%, post-sponsorship)

2. Audiences Atop the Leaderboard

According to NBCU, the Summer Games in Tokyo were the largest go-to mass audience event of 2021 and 2022. They’re expecting 4X the streaming minutes in Paris compared to Tokyo. It’s also a key way to reach new and diverse audiences, as the Olympics are #1 in female and multicultural fandom than other pro and college sports. This is a trend to keep an eye on, especially as we continue to see a rise in enthusiasm around women’s sports, which are smashing viewership records.

3. Ad Impact

What about brand recall? NCBU finds that Olympic sponsors see an increase of 42% in message memorability compared to the previous year and an increase of 47% in search volume compared to the competitive TV norm.

Ready, Set, Go!

We are less than 100 days away from the Opening Ceremony, but there are some key dates to consider when creating your Olympic media plan

Key Dates for the Olympics

  • June 2024: Olympic Trials 
    • Swimming set for June 15-23 in Indianapolis
  • Friday, July 26, 2024: Opening Ceremony
  • Friday, July 26 to August 11: Olympic Games
  • Sunday, August 11: Closing Ceremony 
  • Wednesday, August 29 to September 8: Paralympics

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Team TEGNA offers quality journalism and a large, loyal, and engaged audience for brands looking to align with Olympic content. We also offer several advertising, marketing, and content sponsorship opportunities utilizing our broadcast, CTV/OTT streaming, and digital platforms. Don’t be a spectator. Click here to contact a TEGNA Olympics advertising expert.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How many people watch the Olympics?

In 2022, more than 2 billion people tuned into the Beijing Olympics. The high viewership and engagement amongst fans make this a great advertising opportunity. 

What is the most popular Olympic sport?

The most popular Olympic sport will vary depending on the country. However, insights from YouGov reveal that swimming and diving are among the top 5 favorite sports for Germany, the UK, and the US. In the United States and the UK, gymnastics is also very popular. 

Do Olympic athletes get sponsored?

Most athletes competing at the Olympics do not have individual brand sponsorship deals, as they are not big household names. However, athletes with corporate sponsorships often may have brand logos on their clothing or gear or may participate in advertising campaigns before the games.

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