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Watchdog Journalism: Changing Lives, Saving Lives

Gannett’s commitment to the public good through great journalism never waivers.

A big part of that commitment is revealed through our watchdog journalism. It exposes wrongdoing, and gets it fixed. From uncovering government corruption to tracking down details of an environmental disaster, watchdog journalism can change lives – and even save lives.

And Gannett is second to none as a champion of the First Amendment, with our legal department taking the lead in many open-records cases. Through online, print and TV to mobile and social media, Gannett is delivering transformational watchdog journalism in tried-and true and new ways.

To enhance its watchdog journalism efforts, U.S. Community Publishing this year is partnering with the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) organization.

The Gannett Foundation, too, is helping support Gannett’s efforts for watchdog journalism to a wider audience by funding “The Gannett Foundation Award for Digital Innovation in Watchdog Journalism.” The Foundation Awards are designed to spark creative new thinking about watchdog journalism for digital customers – and will be awarded at eight major journalism conferences this summer and fall. Each one of these eight awards is a $5,000 award.

Meanwhile, U.S. Community Publishing is launching a project to study best practices for delivering news – including watchdog journalism — on smart phones and devices such as iPads.