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Gannett Outdoor Group Undergoes Management Restructuring

NEW YORK — Gannett Outdoor Group is undergoing a management restructuring to reflect the company’s continuing desire to provide the best of service to its advertisers and agencies.

Details of the restructuring were announced today by Don Davidson, president and CEO of Gannett Outdoor.

Gannett Outdoor’s top management team has been regrouped into seven major areas of responsibility. This new strategic chart takes into account the company’s strength as a full-service provider, offering the industry the best research, creative, marketing and sales resources to develop unique solutions tailored for its customers. Each function will report directly to the president and CEO and be represented on the division’s management team.

Appointed to the new positions are:

Cal Courneya, currently senior vice president/operations, becomes senior vice president/ delivery and quality. This is an expanded role in which he will oversee all operational activities, establish and monitor quality
standards and ensure the accurate and timely delivery of all contracts.

Ron Dunford moves from senior vice president/finance and administration to senior vice president/information and technology. He is responsible for the information systems and technology that will support the new strategic direction.

Bill Wardell, formerly of Patrick Media Group, joins the company as senior vice president/sales and marketing. Lori Spano-Erdos become vice president of Outdoor Network, USA and will work with Wardell on the development of the Network.

Doug Watts, vice president/market development for Gannett Outdoor of New York, joins the division staff as senior vice president/asset development. He will manage all outdoor inventory, leasing and franchise operations and the growth of existing new products and markets. The legislative and public
affairs components of this function will be managed by John Hope as vice president/legislative and community partnerships. Watts will also continue managing subway and shelter franchises in New York City.

David Woods also joins the division staff in New York City as senior vice president/finance and production. Relocating from Toronto, where he served as executive vice president of Mediacom, Gannett Outdoor’s Canadian subsidiary, he will oversee all financial activities and the development and growth of the production business in North America.

A senior vice president/human resources and people development will be named shortly to focus on the development of leadership strategies critical in the new structure. Mel Williams, vice president/personnel, moves to another position to be announced shortly.

Some repositioning also has occurred in the management of Gannett Outdoor’s 11 markets in the United States. The following team of general managers is now in place:

Ronald Ipjian Chicago
Mark Harris Colorado
Vincent Boccalini Connecticut
Jill Hogan Kansas City
Thomas Carroll Michigan
Steve Fuschetti New Jersey
Christopher Carr New York
Gary Duckworth Northern California
John Martin Southern California
Louis Salini St. Louis
Donna Baker Texas

Each market manager will be responsible for day-to-day unit operations and consistent implementation of division-wide programs. All will report to Davidson.

Brian McLean continues as president of Mediacom. He will be the management team representative for Canadian markets.

Keith Konstantinos, formerly Midwest regional president, becomes a general executive on the division staff.

Gannett Outdoor is the largest outdoor advertising company in North America. It is owned by Gannett Co., Inc., which also publishes 82 daily newspapers, including USA TODAY and USA WEEKEND, a newspaper magazine.

Gannett also operates 10 television stations, 11 radio stations.