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Trend Time: Starting the Back-to-School Consumer Journey 

School may have just let out, but it’s already time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping, as a majority of parents across the country are starting their shopping earlier than in years before. Here’s what your brand needs to know to make the grade and reach the back-to-school audience. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: June 17, 2022

Meet the Goodwins. They are among the 76% of consumers who are planning their back-to-school shopping right now, getting a head start on the next academic year.  

Why are the Goodwins preparing now when school just let out?   

Supply chain issues have affected every industry. Some consumers are concerned about items they need being out of stock, which leads them to complete purchases before they really need them. By shopping early, the Goodwins will make sure they get exactly what their student needs before the school year starts.  

Like 41% of Americans, the Goodwins expect to spend an average of $500. Additionally, one in five parents plan to spend up to $1000 or more on supplies – the same amount that some consumers budgeted for the holiday season.  

With inflation becoming a determining factor in people’s purchase decisions, the Goodwins are going to make more strategic decisions about how they’re budgeting for the upcoming school year. And they’re not alone – 18% of consumers will do their research online before buying in-store. Meanwhile, 39% of consumers will build wishlists of items they intend to purchase, such as school supplies and clothing.  

And, like 73% of parents, the Goodwins are always willing to wait for these items to go on sale during tax-free weekends.  

What does this mean for your retail brand?  

If your brand is looking to reach the back-to-school audience, now is the perfect time to amplify your creative ideas, smart deals, and showcase great sales, both online and in-store, with TEGNA.  

At TEGNA, we work with 3,000+ retail brands like yours looking to reach parents searching for smart deals. With Broadcast, OTT, and Digital Solutions, your brand will be at the head of the class this coming semester. Contact us to learn how we can help your brand make the grade.  

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>