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May’s Industry News: TEGNA’s Dives Deeper Into Live Sports, NFL TV Schedules Released, and More!

This month’s Industry News series shares the latest articles, insights, and resources curated by Team TEGNA to help your brand stay up-to-date and informed about all the latest industry happenings. Here’s what came across our desks this month.

Meredith Cunningham Published: May 17, 2024
May’s Industry News: TEGNA’s Dives Deeper Into Live Sports, NFL TV Schedules Released, and More! image

TEGNA in the News TEGNA and Indiana Fever Expand Broadcast Distribution of the Fever’s Upcoming Season in 11 Additional Markets
Team TEGNA and the Indiana Fever announced that 11 additional markets will join WTHR, TEGNA’s Indianapolis NBC affiliate, to create an unprecedented 12-market footprint, including  WOI in Des Moines, WQAD in Davenport-Quad Cities, and WHAS in Louisville. Stations will air 17 Indiana Fever games for free over the air in 2024. With this expanded footprint, 4.6 million homes will have the opportunity to watch #1 overall draft pick Caitlin Clark, 2023 #1 overall pick and WNBA Rookie of the Year Aliyah Boston, and the exciting Fever roster as they make a push to return to the playoffs.

“This is an exhilarating moment for women’s sports. The WNBA and Fever are leading the charge with this groundbreaking local broadcast rights agreement,” Dave Lougee, TEGNA’s president and CEO, told Front Office Sports. “The remarkable journey of Caitlin Clark and her teammates has captured the hearts and minds of millions.” Seattle Kraken Increases Broadcast and Streaming Access Through Partnerships with TEGNA and Prime Video
The Seattle Kraken has expanded broadcast and streaming access for its games through partnerships with TEGNA and Prime Video. TEGNA stations KING 5 and KONG in Seattle will broadcast all non-nationally televised games, while Prime Video will stream these games for Prime members in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. This groundbreaking deal offers fans more options to watch over 70 games for free over the air and via streaming. The Kraken aim to increase accessibility and fan engagement with this move, which includes TEGNA stations in Seattle, Portland, and Spokane. The broadcast team remains unchanged, with familiar faces continuing to provide commentary. 

“Our collaboration with the Seattle Kraken marks a significant milestone in our commitment to celebrating the essence of local sports on local broadcast television,” said Dave Lougee, president and CEO of TEGNA. “We look forward to bringing every thrilling moment of Kraken hockey to all viewers in the Pacific Northwest as we build on our long-standing commitment to the region.”

More Industry Headlines

AdWeek: 9 Winning Insights From ADWEEK’s Brand Play Sports Marketing Summit
Key insights included the importance of immersive fan experiences, personalized marketing, and strategic brand integration in sports. The summit emphasized the need for brands to adapt to changing fan behaviors and leverage new media opportunities.

Forbes: Apple Doesn’t Have An Advertising Problem, It Has A Reputation Problem
Apple faced backlash and withdrew an iPad advertisement after criticism, and the company’s VP of Marketing admitted fault, acknowledging they “missed the mark.” While still a highly discussed and profitable company, Apple has seen a decline in its reputation, with some perceiving it as resting on past achievements and abusing its market dominance. 

Infillion: New Research Shows Consumers’ Growing Hesitation to Click on Ads
A new study on consumer ad-clicking habits reveals a decline in ad engagement. Dubbed “Is CTR Really Dead? The State of Digital Advertising’s Most Famous Metric,” the report highlights consumers’ increasing reluctance to click on ads, attributing it to concerns about ad value, brand reputation, and intrusiveness. However, with the right incentive, consumers are still open to clicking. 

Marketing Brew: The Reel Scoop on the State of Video Marketing
These insights highlight the growing importance of video in marketing strategies, the increasing role of AI, and the need for accessible and engaging content distributed across multiple channels. 

NextTV: Comparing 2024 Primetime NFL Schedules — Who Received the Better Games Slate Between Amazon, NBCU, and ESPN?

  • ESPN/ABC’s Monday Night Football offers 23 games with notable matchups like the New York Jets vs. San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys’ appearances. However, it lacks early-season division rivalries.
  • NBC’s Sunday Night Football features strong matchups, early playoff-like games, and multiple appearances by high-profile teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Amazon’s Thursday Night Football boasts the most intriguing slate with 12 out of 16 games featuring divisional rivalries, improving from previous seasons.

Search Engine Land: Search Ad Costs Rise, Conversion Rates Decline Again in 2024
The 2024 search advertising benchmarks report reveals that costs for search ads have risen while conversion rates have declined. Key findings include a 10% increase in cost-per-click (CPC) across 86% of industries, a 25% increase in cost-per-lead (CPL) for 19 out of 23 industries, and a slight drop in average conversion rates to 6.96%. The report attributes these trends to increased competition and intensified monetization by Google.

TV Tech: Fubo Boasts High Levels of Audience Attention
Ads on FuboTV capture significantly higher audience attention compared to other platforms. FuboTV ads are 33% more engaging than those on cable and 70% more than typical virtual MVPDs. For the 25-54 age group, FuboTV boasts a 23% higher likelihood of viewers being present in the room than other CTV and cable categories. This heightened engagement makes FuboTV a valuable platform for advertisers aiming to reach highly attentive audiences, especially sports fans.

TV Tech: Caitlin Clark’s WNBA Debut Set Viewing Records
Caitlin Clark’s WNBA debut set viewership records, becoming the most-watched WNBA game on ESPN platforms. The Indiana Fever vs. Connecticut Sun game garnered 2.1 million viewers, peaking at 2.3 million, surpassing the previous record from 2004. The second game of the night, Phoenix Mercury vs. Las Vegas Aces, saw a 5% increase in viewership year-over-year. The two games averaged 1.28 million viewers, up 192% from last year. Pre-game show viewership and WNBA content engagement on ESPN also saw significant increases.

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