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Seattle’s TransWest Successfully Uses KING5 to Recruit New CDL Drivers 

Looking to hire new CDL drivers, TransWest turned to the team at KING5 to help amplify its recruitment efforts with a broadcast, local lifestyle, and attribution campaign to hire new drivers. ​TransWest achieved 70% of its hiring goal in a week. Watch the sponsored segment to see how KING5 helped the company reach its hiring goals.

Meredith Cunningham Published: November 15, 2021

Amid a volatile labor market, TransWest, a growing mobility operator, was looking to hire new CDL drivers as business begins to rebound from the pandemic. For Andrew Janison, founder and CEO of TransWest, keeping his small business afloat required some innovative thinking.

“Earlier this year when demand was low, we worked with our clients – who were absolutely remarkable in taking care of our people, making sure they were paid all through the pandemic – and we converted our passenger vehicles to delivery vehicles, and we did on-demand food transportation,” he said. “We delivered about 1.2 million meals to families in need in Puget Sound.”

Founded in 2008 and now with more than 400 employees operating out of Seattle, Bellevue, and Everett, TransWest also assisted in vaccine distribution and transportation of front-line workers.

With the vaccine rollouts allowing for a return to some semblance of the Before Times, TransWest is growing and hiring. But, as is the case in a lot of industries, filling those new openings has proven to be challenging.

Janison’s solution? A $5,000 signing bonus for new hires – and a campaign to promote it with15-second spots on TEGNA’s KING5 and KONG, and a segment on New Day Northwest, the station’s Lifestyle show. To top it all off, the campaign was paired with TEGNA Attribution. 

The campaign was originally supposed to air for three weeks, it was cut short after one. TransWest was able to meet 70% of its hiring goals that quickly. 

“TransWest aired good content that really got people intrigued, especially with the $5,000 signing bonus,” says Megan Wotherspoon, Marketing Strategist at KING5. “They were able to gain a lot of traction, and I know they are very happy with the number of new hires they were able to get so quickly.”

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>