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2022 in Review: 4 New Innovations TEGNA Debuted in 2022 to Super Serve our Audience and Advertising Partners

Team TEGNA was hard at work in 2022, bringing our audiences new ways to watch TEGNA content and new ways for our advertising and marketing partners to connect with these audiences. Here’s a look at just a few things we’ve accomplished in the last year. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: December 14, 2022
2022 in Review: 4 New Innovations TEGNA Debuted in 2022 to Super Serve our Audience and Advertising Partners image

New TEGNA Station Streaming+ Apps

With 100M+ minutes of monthly streaming on our first-generation apps that launched in 2021, it’s clear our viewers crave live and on-demand local content. To build on this momentum,  we launched a new generation of streaming+ apps available on Roku and FireTV in 2022. 

For example, apps like WKYC+ in Cleveland or KARE+ in Minneapolis now offer 24/7 access to breaking live, on-demand, and extended local news coverage, weather reports, station specials, investigations, sports, and lifestyle shows. This exclusive content also includes the following: 

  • Locked On Sports Today is a daily show featuring major national sports headlines. 
  • HeartThreads highlights feel-good stories from across the country.  
  • VERIFY is a weekly show dedicated to stopping the spread of misinformation.
  • Daily Blast LIVE covers entertainment, pop culture, and trending stories.  

With this innovation, we’re leading a shift in content creation. Removing barriers and time limits of traditional formats, our streaming+ apps make good on our “live, local, and always on” promise to viewers, which is critical. Additionally, these apps provide the opportunity to reach cord-cutting viewers. To learn more about TEGNA’s Streaming+ apps, click here. 

TEGNA AudienceOne: One of the Industry’s Only First-Party Data Solutions

At TEGNA, we see the industry’s move away from third-party cookies as an opportunity to innovate. TEGNA AudienceOne is a new solution to help our advertising partners reach valuable target audiences using our first-party data. TEGNA AudienceOne can be activated across our digital ecosystem, including TEGNA Websites & Mobile Apps and our extended reach product, Audience Marketplace

We know that TEGNA’s highly-engaged, affluent and local audiences are extremely valuable to advertisers. These audiences are members of local communities and purchase from, and engage with, local, regional, and national brands. By adding a new level of targeting sophistication to our digital capabilities, our advertising partners can use TEGNA’s first-party audience data in a consumer-and-privacy-first approach, ensuring a brand-safe and fraud-free environment that still allows advertisers to reach a target audience across multiple platforms. To learn more about TEGNA AudienceOne, click here.



TEGNA’s TAG Certification Against Ad Fraud

At TEGNA, we live by our mission “To serve the greater good of our communities.” We do so through our award-winning journalism and by helping our advertisers’ businesses grow, along with the local economies they serve. We can’t accomplish this without ensuring that our advertising solutions create real-life business outcomes and a positive return on investment. To do so, we must ensure that we deploy purposeful technologies, processes, and procedures to eliminate fraud. This accountability pertains to our internal systems, vendors, and third-party technology partners.

Earning the TAG Certified Against Fraud certification in 2022 with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (the leading global initiative fighting criminal activity and increasing trust in the digital advertising industry) further underscores our dedication to this commitment to our advertisers. This partnership validates what we have been doing from the onset, providing a brand-safe, fraud-free environment that delivers business outcomes for our advertisers. To learn more about TEGNA’s TAG certification, click here. 


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