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TEGNA Puts Research at Center Stage & is Proud to Welcome Back Amanda White as Head of Insights  

To help make the best decisions for your business, we bring relevant research and data points to the table and create an experience that delivers real results. As a leading executive, Amanda White has a proven track record in navigating a topsy-turvy media landscape with rapidly changing consumers, and as such, has been named TEGNA’s new Head of Insights. Join us in welcoming her back to #TeamTEGNA! 

Meredith Cunningham Published: July 5, 2022
TEGNA Puts Research at Center Stage & is Proud to Welcome Back Amanda White as Head of Insights   image

What’s your brand strategy for growth?   

At TEGNA, our goal is to serve the greater good of our local communities. That includes helping businesses and economies thrive. To inform smart marketing decisions, we share relevant research and insights with our clients that can lead to outcome-focused strategies.   

Our focus on our insights team goes beyond collecting data and pulling numbers. We are focused on ensuring our accurate data leads to insights that become a catalyst in driving results, both for our clients and for our 61 stations across the country. Audience-focused intelligence helps ensure we maximize eyeballs for our advertisers and as audiences change, it’s critical that our intelligence stay ahead of the curve.  

To help ensure TEGNA remains a step ahead in terms of audience insight, we are proud to announce Amanda White as the company’s new head of insights. With deep local experience and expertise in the rapidly growing streaming space, Amanda White brings TEGNA and our business partners the intelligence needed to maximize impact.  

“I am excited to bring a fresh perspective to TEGNA’s research and insights capabilities,” said White. “My experience with both broadcast and streaming media is a great foundation to drive increased consumer-centricity throughout the organization. We will ensure our clients have access to the highest quality local audience intelligence and can make smart decisions based on consumer preferences and behaviors.”  

Amanda originally joined TEGNA in 2010, developing local expertise across sales, marketing, and research. Hailing from Atlanta, Amanda was on the front lines with content creators and advertisers at 11Alive and WATL.  

“It was great to be in a consultative role with journalists and advertisers, helping them navigate rapidly-changing audiences and working with them to identify and understand their most valuable consumers,” says White.  

In 2018, she joined TEGNA’s corporate team as Director of Research. In this role, she was responsible for amplifying the voice of the consumer and upskilling researchers across TEGNA’s markets. Consulting on all aspects of research, Amanda translated data into insights to provide direction for business decisions such as audience segmentation, content transformation, and marketing and advertising.   

After 10 successful years at TEGNA, Amanda joined Amazon Prime Video where she provided strategic direction for brand, creative, media buying, and social media decisions. Now, Amanda is returning to lead TEGNA’s corporate insights function and will be responsible for partnering with news, sales, marketing, and digital teams to plan and complete research projects that support growth not just for TEGNA, but also for our clients.  

“TEGNA is an innovative company that is fearless about the future,” says White. “This is a team relentlessly focused on the consumer and the customer. I’m thrilled to be back and help our stations and our customers remain proactive in understanding consumers – how they behave, how they feel, how they spend, and more.”  

Beyond her sheer acumen and success working with cross-functional teams, Amanda strives to also advance the research industry through mentorship and participation in initiatives for organizations such as Insights Association, Insights in Color, Women in Research, and MRMW. 

Amanda received her MBA degree from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and holds a BA in Marketing from Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business.     

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>