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True Crime & Sports: Celebrating TEGNA’s Amazing Podcasts on National Podcast Day 

Did you know that TEGNA offers multiple sponsorship opportunities on our podcasting platforms to build brand awareness and help drive new business? From pre-roll to episode and series sponsorships, we can create a solution to reach and engage your target audience.

Meredith Cunningham Published: September 23, 2022
True Crime & Sports: Celebrating TEGNA’s Amazing Podcasts on National Podcast Day  image

September 30th is National Podcast Day, and today we’re celebrating the power of podcasting – and we mean it when we say “power.” Here are some insights to consider:  

  • And finally, Ad Results Media found that 49% of podcast listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they hear it mentioned on their favorite podcast.  

If you’re ready to consider adding podcasting to your media mix – and you should be – let us introduce you to TEGNA’s award-winning podcasts.  

Vault Studios 

Fans and critics agree: TEGNA’s Vault Studios is fueling their obsession with True Crime podcasts. VAULT’s programming slate focuses on cold cases, unsolved mysteries, unanswered questions, and unresolved justice. 

Backed by TEGNA’s award-winning investigative journalists with access to one of the richest archives of true crime investigations, these stories have captivated millions, eclipsing 15 million downloads with Bardstown, ranking #1 on True Crime charts in 2019. 

From the story of how law enforcement hunted down the 2018 Austin serial bomber to strange but true heists, scams, and other bizarre stories from all over the country, these stories have national appeal guaranteed to make an audience’s head spin.  


Locked On Podcast Network 

It’s no secret that sports fans are passionate. They often turn to voices, personalities, industry-leading insiders, and hometown heroes who have the knowledge, access, and spark​ to keep audiences informed, excited, and ready to play.    

Acquired by TEGNA in 2021, Locked On is the leading podcast network for local sports, with daily podcasts for every NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL team, as well as major college sports teams. 

Locked On provides partners with a full-service media experience, guiding them through best practices from frequency to creative solutions. Whether you’re looking for a hyper-local focus or national reach, tapping into live endorsements from hosts across the Locked On Network allows your product to speak for itself through firsthand reviews from a voice they trust.  

“It’s important for advertisers to recognize not only the power of podcasts but the power that sports podcasts have on audiences,” says Dave Neway, VP of Ad Sales Marketing at TEGNA. “Time and again, we’ve seen how engaged sports audiences are, and in this brand-safe environment, brands can thrive by aligning with big sporting events.”  

IAB Upfront 2022 – Game Changing Expansion: reaching new sports fans and an even bigger audience from Locked On Podcast Network on Vimeo.

Sound Good?  

With award-winning journalists, and coverage from Vault Studios and Locked On, TEGNA stations are uniquely positioned to help your brand reach its goals regardless of your business. Let’s get in touch.  

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>