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5 Brands Using Emotional Storytelling For Mother’s Day Advertising

For Mother’s Day, we’re looking at five brands leveraging the effectiveness of making emotional connections with audiences to grow business. Here are our takeaways and tips for TV ad creative that works. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: May 5, 2023
5 Brands Using Emotional Storytelling For Mother’s Day Advertising image

5 Brands Using Emotional Storytelling For Mother’s Day Advertising

Using the immersive and engaging nature of the big screen, brands have an unparalleled opportunity to make memorable moments and create emotional connections through broadcast and streaming TV advertising. After all, when audiences become captivated and emotionally connected to an ad, it improves brand awareness, ad recall and increases purchase intent, making compelling storytelling a key sales driver.

For example, during Super Bowl LVII, “The Farmer’s Dog scored the highest in the USA Today Ad Meter using the power of emotion instead of the power of celebrity,” says Tom Charno, Senior Consumer Insights Strategist at TEGNA. “It shows consumers respond more to brands that try to connect through poignant storytelling instead of flashy cameos.”

Why do these ads work so well?

“Audiences don’t always respond well to being told what to do, like ‘buy this product now,’” says Charno. “But when the story is authentic and relatable, they can imagine themselves in that particular situation, which may include using the advertised brand.”

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re looking at five brands leveraging the effectiveness of making emotional connections with audiences to grow business. Here are our takeaways and tips for emotional TV ad creative that works.

How Should I Advertise my Business for Mother’s Day?

It’s important to focus on the emotional connection with consumers. In fact, one research report found that purely emotional content performed twice as well as rational content. These kinds of campaigns are more memorable and can drive more engagement across platforms.

In terms of a media plan, it’s important to consider the various channels your customers are using. TV advertising is a great way to advertise your business for Mother’s Day since it is a highly visual medium that is great for storytelling. TV advertising captures a viewer’s attention and guides an emotional connection to the business.

5 Examples of Successful Mother’s Day Ads

Google’s Hey Mom

What mom can’t relate to hearing their kids’ “Hey, Mom” a million times a day? What mom hasn’t been asked questions like “Does this look infected?’ or “Where does dirt come from?”

As viewers, we can’t help but think about our own moms, which is exactly what the main mom in this ad does, as she uses her “Hey, Google” to call her own mom.

Why It’s Effective: For moms – and any kid that has bugged their mom – this spot for Google is incredibly authentic, relatable, memorable, and even funny. Better yet, viewers instantly see how they can use Hey Google to “Hey” their own Mom.



Dove’s Under Pressure

A brand that fights for a cause can strengthen connections with consumers, as seven in 10 will purchase from a purpose-driven company over another, even when the cost and quality of two products or services are similar.

Dove’s partnership with Postpartum Support International highlights its commitment to new mothers and their challenges. The ad authentically and accurately captures the ups and downs of motherhood, and consumers have taken notice.

According to iSpot.TV, “Overall, the realistic portrayal of postpartum depression was very much appreciated and applauded by women of every age. After viewing the 60-second version, 56% of females reported positive intent toward Dove. The ad also landed positively regardless of the age of children in the household or the female’s political persuasion.”

Why It’s Effective: Not only does Dove champion the noble cause of supporting mothers with postpartum depression, but they also use memorable music that tells a story in its own right.



Oreo’s Proud Parents

Diversity and Inclusion in media representation, including advertising, is becoming increasingly important each day. Gen Z is holding brands accountable for how they portray gender, sexuality, and race, and it seems that Oreo understands the assignment.

In this long-form ad from Oreo, we see a daughter bring her new girlfriend home to meet the parents, and mom and dad are welcoming, loving, and proud.

Why It’s Effective: The beauty of this Oreo ad can be summed up by comments from Carlin Watkins, DE&I Engagement Program Manager at TEGNA.

“To be able to have advertising reach communities that, for a long time, have either been misrepresented or not represented at all – it’s such a special thing. Advertising isn’t a one-approach fits all solution. A lot of opportunity is missed when considering diversity and representation with a limited mindset.”



Hallmark’s Dear Mom

Hallmark is known for creating emotional cards and emotional movies. This viral ad from 2020 combines elements seen with Google – relatable and emotional storytelling – and Oreo with diversity and inclusion top of mind, as this ad features a mother who raises a daughter with Down Syndrome.

Why It’s Effective: While nearly one in 26 American families lives in a similar situation, this ad tells a relatable and authentic story because it’s derived from a real story. The ad was created after a fan reached out on Facebook, sharing her story of raising a daughter with a disability.



P&G’s Thank You Mom

Saving the best for last, P&G’s Thank You, Mom campaign – which ran alongside the Olympics – celebrates the moms behind the athletes — the ones who had to get up for 5 a.m. practice, the ones who made breakfast, washed uniforms, helped coach, and cheered from the stands.

It’s the most successful campaign in the company’s 175-year history. Wieden+Kennedy reported $500 million in global incremental P&G sales, 76 billion global media impressions, over 74 million global views, and over 370 million Twitter interactions.

“The Olympics are unlike any other sporting event in the world. The Games are full of magic moments that people talk about and remember for years to come,” says Dan McDonough, Director of Client Solutions at TEGNA. “P&G took full advantage of that halo in telling a story that is not only relatable for moms and athletes but also consumers and small businesses who work hard to achieve their goals.

Why It’s Effective: This ad campaign began in 2010 and is still being remembered and celebrated. When viewers – or at least marketers – are still thinking about an ad from the last decade, that’s effective advertising.

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