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TEGNA AudienceOne Brings Brands and Fans Together  

At TEGNA, we see the industry’s move away from third-party cookies as an opportunity to innovate. Today we’d like to introduce you to TEGNA AudienceOne, a new solution to help our advertising partners tap into the power of our first-party audience data to help reach valuable target audiences for your product or service. How can your brand use this new level of targeting sophistication in a consumer-and-privacy-first approach?

Meredith Cunningham Published: October 5, 2022
TEGNA AudienceOne Brings Brands and Fans Together   image

Back in January 2020, Google announced that it would begin paving “a path towards making third-party cookies obsolete” within two years for its Chrome browser, which is used by nearly 50% of US internet browsers.” While the pandemic delayed the initial timelines, Google has committed to providing a “healthy, ad-supported web” designed to “fundamentally enhance privacy on the web” by 2023 

At TEGNA, we see this shift as an opportunity to innovate. In fact, traditional third-party audience segments have historically produced low performance. Since Google’s announcement,  we’ve heard numerous marketing experts begin evangelizing and championing the use of first-party data – TEGNA experts included.  

Therefore, we’re proud to announce the launch of TEGNA AudienceOne, a new first-party audience targeting solution that can be activated across our digital ecosystem, including TEGNA Websites & Mobile Apps and our extended reach product, Audience Marketplace.  

We know that TEGNA’s highly-engaged, affluent and local audiences are extremely valuable to advertisers.  And these audiences are members of local communities and purchase from, and engage with, local, regional, and national brands. 

By adding a new level of targeting sophistication to our digital capabilities, our advertising partners can use TEGNA’s first-party audience data in a consumer-and-privacy-first approach, ensuring a brand-safe and fraud-free environment that still allows advertisers to reach a target audience across multiple platforms.  

How does TEGNA AudienceOne work? 

Using first-party cookies, TEGNA AudienceOne captures TEGNA’s visitors and viewers across its digital platforms and saves them as an audience profile. For example, women aged 35–44 who happen to be a homeowner with children in the household.  

We developed these audiences following the IAB’s taxonomy and standards and with our top advertising categories in mind. Audiences span gender, age, household data, and consumer behaviors. In addition:   

  • Most of TEGNA’s digital audience falls within the powerful 25 to 54 age bracket. 
  • 94% of our viewers are over the age of 24. 
  • Our audience over-indexes on affluence – about 47% of our audience earns over $100,000 yearly. Talk about purchasing power!  
  • TEGNA’s audience also skews females, which bodes well for those looking to reach household decision-makers; women are responsible for 70-80% of all consumer purchasing.  

The audience profiles are then placed into various defined audience groups for use in targeting. Advertisers can then use the audience profiles for campaign targeting to ensure the right ads are placed in front of the right consumers, creating a more personalized and compelling ad experience. 

TEGNA AudienceOne helps consumers see ads that are likely more relevant to them, creating a better experience for our viewers and an optimized and effective advertising campaign for our clients.  

Brand Safety 

Additionally, advertisers can use TEGNA AudienceOne to create a campaign that maximizes audience reach and performance while providing an advertising environment your audience can trust. Clients will have more control of their brand than ever and can now choose which content their ad campaign runs adjacent to at a more granular level. Combined with TEGNA’s TAG Certification and 100% NewsGuard Green ratings, advertisers are offered a brand-safe, fraud-free environment to reach valuable audiences. 

About TEGNA 

With 64 TV stations in 51 markets and more than 58M monthly website visitors, TEGNA’s innovation is among the first local media publishers to offer a forward-facing advertising solution that uses first-party audiences. To learn more about TEGNA AudienceOne, contact us to team up with one of our media marketing experts.  

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