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KGW Good Energy Campaign Leads the Race Against Climate Change

Electric cars aren’t just an effective way to help reduce our carbon footprint, they’re also fast and affordable! Watch the video below as KGW and OnPoint Community Credit Union race to see who is faster – all in the name of helping save the planet.

Meredith Cunningham Published: May 26, 2021

In 2020, the State of Oregon set a goal to get 50,000 registered electric vehicles on the road by the end of the year. The state didn’t reach its goal, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over.

Knowing that there is still work to be done, KGW, TEGNA’s affiliate in Portland, launched the Good Energy campaign to help increase the number of electric cars on the road in 2021. They started at home, becoming the first broadcast outlet to add an electric vehicle to its fleet.

On the air, Good Energy explores the benefits of clean and renewable energy and supports local businesses that are committed to the fight against climate change. One of those local businesses is OnPoint Community Credit Union, which also sponsors the campaign.

“By supporting the KGW Good Energy campaign, we can spread sustainability messages while highlighting opportunities for our community to reduce their carbon footprint,” says Tory McVay, Chief Retail Officer & Marketing Executive at OnPoint. “Making the switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle and installing solar panels are just two ways to save our planet and save money.”

On top of the environmental benefits, electric vehicles are also just as fast as their non-electric counterparts. In this Good Energy spot, Vanessa Valencia from OnPoint and Drew Carney from the KGW news team raced to see who could drive the fastest.

“It’s an important subject that needs to be talked about in a constructive way,” says Skyler Stever, Creative Director at KGW. “KGW Good Energy is all about activation and education. We want to educate viewers on the effects of clean energy and then activate people in the community to show them how they can get involved.”

OnPoint is offering discounts1 on electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as solar panels, “because going green should not be a luxury only a few can afford,” says McVay. OnPoint is also making up to a $250 donation2 to The Nature Conservancy in Oregon for every electric or hybrid loan financed through OnPoint.

“We know that the environment is very important to our members and employees, and we have worked to create a more affordable way for the community to live sustainably without breaking the bank,” says McVay. “It often takes small steps to create a big impact as we work together to help build a greener future. At OnPoint, we believe this change is possible.”

Stever agrees.

“I think the people in Portland are ready to be active in the community. They’ve been sitting at home and are now looking for projects to do,” says Stever. “If we can help create excitement around the idea – especially after the year we’ve had – it’s a big win.”

The people in the Portland area clearly agree, as early results coming in from Good Energy are very encouraging.

“The collaboration of the KGW Good Energy campaign and our Green Horizons initiative has been a great success. We have seen an incredible amount of interest in switching to electric and hybrid vehicles from our members and the community,” says McVay. “We are thrilled to continue to help members save money while positively impacting the environment.”

“I’m proud of this campaign,” says Stever. “It’s going to be so good for the community and that’s beautiful.”

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KGW Good Energy Earth Day .mp4 from KGW Creative on Vimeo.


  1. All OnPoint loans are subject to credit terms approval.
  2. Between February 1, 2021 and November 1, 2021, OnPoint will contribute up to $250 to The Nature Conservancy of Oregon per qualifying auto loan from OnPoint for the purchase of a zero or low emission vehicle to support its climate change efforts, with a minimum total donation of $50,000. The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the land and waters on which all life depends. More information about the Conservancy is available by mail at 821 SE 14th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214, by phone at (503) 802-8100, or at

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

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