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Good Work: How a Home Services Company Uses Broadcast to Stay Present and Support the Community During COVID-19

There has been a considerable amount of information regarding why it’s important to remain active, visible, and connected during a crisis but it’s easier said than done. One home services company in Denver, Colorado has found a way through a special partnership with local NBC affiliate, 9NEWS.

Meredith Cunningham Published: April 27, 2020

By truly caring for and understanding their marketplace and customers, the team at Lifetime Windows and Siding made a plan to make a difference in their community as people began to find themselves struggling.

Lifetime’s Director of Marketing, Phil O’Dell, had a few key goals in mind for the company’s COVID-19 response. According to O’Dell, “the two key issues we were dealing with at Lifetime were how do we stay active in the marketplace – and viable, and how do we work with and support the community during a difficult time?”

Lifetime turned to TEGNA and 9NEWS Account Executive, Brittany Keenan, for help in changing course to meet these new and unexpected market conditions.  After my call with Peter and hearing his mission to help his current clients, as well as the Denver community, I realized that his advertising strategy was bigger than just promoting his business. He truly cares and wants to lend a helping hand to those in need” she says.

Driving home their core message during this time was of the utmost importance for the Lifetime team. Letting the Denver area know that the following three key points were at the top of their marketing priority list: 

  1. Their teams were operating safely in client homes. 
  2. They were running the largest promotion in their history, offering 40% off windows, siding, and installations. 
  3. They were partnering with a local charity, Food Bank of the Rockies, to help support their community in the midst of the crisis. 

O’Dell commented, “TV has been incredibly effective for us. It’s helped us position ourselves as a leading brand in the Denver marketplace. It’s really been instrumental in helping us be successful.”

With the help of KUSA, Lifetime crafted new broadcast campaigns that pulled into sharp focus the core of messaging they wanted to deliver in their marketplace. Additionally, Lifetime was featured in segments during Colorado and Company, 9NEWS’ lifestyle show Keenan remarked, “It feels good to work with clients who see beyond their own business and want to impact better lives for others. Our relationship with Lifetime Windows is a true partnership!”

On top of the success they are finding during this period with broadcast advertising in the Denver Market, Lifetime is happy to report that to date, they have raised more than $10,000 for Food Bank of The Rockies.

Improving your business and your communities during difficult times can be accomplished – it truly depends on your heart, vision, commitment to thrive and the right partners.  Or, as Rebecca Chapla, Lifetime’s Marketing Manager put it, “Utilize your media partners. They are on your side, and they will help you fight through this – for today and for the future.” 

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>