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Magical Moments Covered by Team TEGNA & What It Means for Your Brand

It was only four years ago when Team USA’s women were the top headlines in PeyongChang – and KARE 11’s Dave Schwartz and KING 5’s Chris Egan were there to record all the action. Here’s a look at how #TeamTEGNA covered these historical events – and what that means for your brand while advertising in Beijing.

Meredith Cunningham Published: December 29, 2021
Magical Moments Covered by Team TEGNA & What It Means for Your Brand image

The Olympic Games are full of magical moments, and brands that align with these moments have historically generated significant ROI. For example, organizations like Meals on Wheels People and By the Yard are just two who have benefited from aligning with the Summer Games in Tokyo. These examples underline the effects of the Olympic Halo, which represent a rare and unique opportunity to grow market share, acquire new customers, elevate the quality of your current customers, and take your brand to the next level. 

That next level includes reporting from award-winning journalists all around the country, including KARE 11’s Dave Schwartz and KING5’s Chris Egan. The pair was there, front row and center, for some of the biggest Gold Medal moments from the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang. Here’s a look at how #TeamTEGNA covered these historical events.  

Team USA Hockey Battles Back to Beat Canada in Shootout & Win Gold 

Dave Schwartz is no stranger to Team USA hockey. He covered the Women’s hockey team back in 2014 when they suffered a devastating loss to Team Canada.  

“I remember in 2014 when they lost in that crazy gold medal overtime game against Canada,” Schwartz recalls. “After the game, I interviewed Anne Schleper, and she’s very positive. You could tell she was trying to put on a good face and do what she could do. But when she left, she walked through a door, and you could just hear this guttural scream at the top of her lungs mixed with tears.”  

The Games in 2018 would be a different story. Again in overtime with Canada, Schwartz was stressed, and co-workers pointed out a nervous tick he had developed watching the game. Team USA came out on top, and after the game, Schwartz recalls, “I didn’t even get a question out to Gigi Marvin before she smiled at me and she says, ‘Now, isn’t this so much better than the last time?’ That was absolutely incredible.”  

“Normally as sports reporters, there’s always a barrier between professional athletes and us,” Schwartz said. “What I love most about covering the Olympics is the unique bond you develop with these athletes. Frankly, you become emotionally invested. We’re all Team USA. You are a part of that team, and you feel a part of that team because we’re all USA.”    

Cross-Country Skiing Takes Its First-Ever Gold 

“It was one of the most magical nights of my life,” recalls Chris Egan, Sports Anchor for TEGNA’s KING5 in Seattle.   

Egan and Schwartz were two among a small handful of American media on-hand that night, simply because, as Egan describes, “the US’ chances of winning were not good.”   

“But after one-quarter of the race, the US is in first place. Halfway through the race, the US is still in first place. Three-quarters of the race and the US is still winning,” explains Egan.  

“Then Dave and I are looking at each other like, ‘Is this really going to happen? Are they going to win? Are we going to be the only ones representing these two American skiers up at this mountain?’”   

Sure enough, Egan and Schwartz were there to greet Randall and Diggins after their historic win. Because they had covered the team during trials and preliminary races, their coverage was all the more special, given they’d had an existing relationship with these athletes.  

“It was just a magical night. And to be part of TEGNA to follow that from the beginning to the gold medals was just amazing,” says Egan.     

What Does This Mean For Your Brand?  

With such a deep and meaningful connection to the local communities we serve, TEGNA is able to set the standard of journalistic excellence, mainly when covering the Olympic Games – and this positive halo impact is extended to brands that align with this content. Using last year’s Summer Games as an example, we know the right message accompanied by an Olympics schedule will generate website traffic, store visits, and sales.

If your brand wants to align with Olympic content that showcases unity, triumph, victory, and the power of inspiration, contact us today to learn more and be part of this fantastic journey. 

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