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March’s Industry News: Where is Advertising the Most Effective?

This month’s Industry News series shares the latest articles, insights, and resources curated by Team TEGNA to help your brand stay up-to-date and informed about all the latest industry happenings. Here’s what came across our desks this month.

Meredith Cunningham Published: March 21, 2024
March’s Industry News: Where is Advertising the Most Effective? image

Advanced Television: Advertising Thrives in the Living Room
Despite the proliferation of digital platforms and devices, traditional TV advertising remains influential, especially within the home setting. The study suggests that advertisements viewed in the living room are more memorable and impactful than those consumed on smaller screens or in different environments. It emphasizes the continued relevance and effectiveness of TV advertising in reaching and engaging audiences, particularly within the comfort of the living room.

Business Insider: The Fed Insists It Will Cut Rates This Year
The latest comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell affirmed the possibility of rate cuts in 2024. This comes after many analysts and experts have forecast no rate cuts this year and even the possibility of a rate hike. Evidence of a sustainable path to 2% inflation is what the Fed would consider before cutting rates, and that could come as soon as March 12th, when the February Consumer Price Index report will be released. If the CPI report comes in higher than expected, it could put the Fed in a difficult position and lead to more cautious behavior going forward.

Cord Cutters News: Roku Dominates Cord Cutting with Over 62% of Cord Cutters Using Roku Players & Roku TVs
Earlier this month, Cord Cutters News surveyed more than 1,000 of our readers about how they cut the cord. From the Spring 2024 survey, Roku is the clear leader in the world of cord cutting and is almost twice as popular as its next competitor, the Amazon Fire TV.

Creative Bloq: Is Billboard Advertising Getting Desperate?
In an oversaturated market, marketers resort to desperate measures to capture attention, potentially undermining the credibility and effectiveness of marketing efforts with clickbait headlines, intrusive ads, and exaggerated claims. The article highlights the importance of authenticity and relevance in marketing strategies to build trust and meaningful connections with consumers.

The Current: 63% of U.S. Advertisers Are Prioritizing CTV at Least as Much as Linear TV During Upfronts
According to new research released this month, many marketers will likely focus their strategies on connected TV (CTV) at least as much as linear TV this upfront season.

DISQ: Consumer Trends Report
This report offers insights on consumer sentiment this year and suggests how brands can approach connecting with their audiences in meaningful ways. From general attitudes about the state of the world to how key media drive purchase behaviors, this report covers everything you need to know about what makes consumers tick.

Entrepreneur: 4 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Targeted Advertising — And How to Balance Its Ethical Implications
AI technologies are revolutionizing how businesses approach advertising by enabling them to analyze vast amounts of data to better understand consumer behavior and preferences. AI-powered tools such as machine learning algorithms allow advertisers to create highly personalized and targeted ads, resulting in improved engagement and conversion rates.

Fast Company: The Willy Wonka Experience’s Generative AI Debacle is Just the Start of Our Nightmarish New Advertising Reality
The “Willy Wonka experiences” debacle, which involved a company using generative AI to create fake influencer personas and promote a fictional chocolate factory experience, is just the beginning of a nightmarish new advertising reality in which AI-generated content blurs the lines between reality and fiction. 

Harvard Business Review: Put Marketing at the Core of Your Growth Strategy
According to McKinsey research, companies prioritizing marketing as a central element of their growth strategy tend to outperform their competitors. Specifically, B2C and B2B companies prioritizing branding and advertising as key growth strategies are twice as likely to achieve revenue growth of 5% or more compared to those that do not (67% versus 33%). 

MediaPost: FAST Channels Still Rising, but How Fast? And for What Viewers?
FAST channels will be around for a while. For one, Amazon Freevee is not closing down. Company representatives say there are no changes to the free, ad-supported streaming video platform. This comes after a report saying Freevee could close down in the next several months.

Reuters: IBM Says Use of Adobe AI Tools in Marketing Boosted Productivity
With Adobe’s AI, IBM can better understand customer behavior and preferences, leading to more effective marketing campaigns and highlighting the potential of AI-driven marketing solutions to enhance productivity and drive better business outcomes.

Tubi: Tubi Unveils Insights on How Marketers Can Reach Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers in The Stream 2024
Tubi, Fox Corporation’s ad-supported streaming service, released findings from The Stream 2024: Streaming Insights for Marketers. In this year’s report, Tubi, who partnered with The Harris Poll to conduct research, provides a deep dive into the behaviors and preferences of today’s streamers to help inform marketing strategies. 

TVNewsCheck: Connected TV Advertising Emerges As Most Effective Channel For Marketers
According to a recent survey by tvScientific, marketers concur that CTV advertising stands out as the most impactful digital channel within their media blend. Additionally, 23.6% of respondents intend to boost their investment in connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

TV Watch: TV Airing Assurance: Is It Getting Harder For Viewers To Trust?
TV still influences consumers, and local TV news programs are deemed the most trusted by TVB. However, despite efforts to increase trust in media sources, obstacles remain, allowing bad actors to thrive and disseminate misinformation.

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