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New Year’s Marketing Ideas to Ring in 2024 

The holiday season is a time of celebration, giving, and receiving. But as the year ends, businesses have the opportunity to capitalize on customers’ enthusiasm with well-planned New Year marketing campaigns.

Meredith Cunningham Published: December 18, 2023
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Let’s find out why celebrating the New Year is an excellent time for promotions, the best channels for your marketing campaigns, and the best ways to ring in the new year with a boost in sales. 

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Why Is The New Year a Good Time for Promotions? 

After the frenzy of the holidays, consumers are left with a sense of excitement and a little extra cash to spend. This is where New Year marketing campaigns can make a significant impact: 

  Post-Holiday Spending: According to the NRF’s 2023 Holiday Forecast, gift cards are at the top of consumers’ wish lists. Additionally, 68% of consumers say they plan to continue shopping after the holidays, and 27% say they plan to spend their gift cards right after the holidays. Offering promotions during this time can be a big win for brands, especially as this audience seeks to maximize the value of their gift cards. 

  Resolutions and Fresh Starts: The New Year often brings a sense of renewal, with resolutions to improve various aspects of life. Aligning your promotions with these resolutions (health, wellness, and self-care are popular areas) can motivate shoppers. 

Best Channels for New Year’s Marketing Campaigns 

To maximize the reach and effectiveness of your New Year marketing campaigns, it’s essential to utilize various channels to create an effective cross-platform campaign that includes:


Television advertising is an effective medium for broadcasting promotional messages, commercials, and long-form content sponsorships, allowing you to connect with a vast and diverse audience while bolstering brand recognition. Moreover, TV ads can inspire consumers to explore products or services online and wield significant influence over purchasing decisions. 


OTT streaming offers the same advantages as traditional TV, providing viewers access to a wide range of content, including news, weather, sports, and abundant high-quality programming. It seamlessly complements linear TV strategies, extending your reach to specific target audiences, harnessing retargeting capabilities, and employing reporting data to gauge and enhance campaign performance with tools like TEGNA Attribution. 


In an era when people are constantly tethered to their devices for work and leisure, digital advertising’s potential is undeniable. To optimize your outreach and engagement, consider integrating Clickable Digital Ads, Contextual Advertising, Geofencing, Retargeting, and Native Advertising to complement your cross-channel campaign perfectly. 

New Year’s Marketing Campaign Ideas  

To kickstart your marketing campaigns in the New Year, here are seven creative ideas that can set you apart from the competition: 

1. Consider TV Advertising 

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted television ad. Leveraging sight and sound to showcase experiences, a memorable commercial can leave a lasting impression on viewers. And TV ads aren’t limited to traditional 30-second commercials. Brands can dive deeper into their product/service experience by partnering with their local news station and appearances on Lifestyle shows or sponsor content like Wise Rides, which is a TEGNA sponsorship opportunity for purpose-driven advocates to encourage safe and responsible decisions regarding drinking and driving during the holidays. 

2. Combine Television with Digital Advertising 

When faced with the decision between broadcast TV and digital advertising, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one option. Consider the advantages of using both digital and TV advertising in your marketing approach. As digital consistently demonstrates its efficiency and TV maintains its position as a reliable advertising medium, combining these strategies within a multi-channel marketing program can yield substantial improvements in your overall marketing outcomes. Digital options include Clickable Digital Ads, Contextual Advertising, Geofencing, Retargeting, and Native Advertising. 

 3. New Year’s Resolution-Focused Promotions 

For 2023, Forbes Health found some resolutions to be more common than others, with the most popular goals including improved mental health (45%), improved fitness (39%), losing weight (37%), improved diet (33%) and improved finances (30%). Lower on the list, but just as important to physical and mental health, 14% want to stop smoking, 12% want to learn a new skill, and 11% want to make more time for their hobbies. Creative, promotions, and sales centered on helping consumers reach their goals are a great area to focus on as we enter 2024, and resolutions are top of mind. 

4. New Year, New Products, New Creative 

Introduce a new product to generate buzz and curiosity. Highlight its unique features and benefits to attract customers looking for something fresh in the New Year. New product releases call for new creative. Refresh your ad campaigns by updating your ad creative, website, email newsletters, and social media presence with new graphics, themes, ideas, and content types. 

5. Ask For Customer Insights 

The end of the year is a great way to reflect on the last 365 days. Don’t be shy. Ask your customers for reviews, take a survey, or complete a poll to help you create a better user experience. You can understand your customers better with this data and update your persona profiles as we go into 2024. 

Team with TEGNA in 2024 

All across the country, TEGNA stations keep your brand messaging in the good company of award-winning, trusted local storytelling that impacts your community. It’s all the news and information your customers rely on, and your brand message can benefit by aligning with our insider take on sports, key weather coverage, essential traffic updates, and more. Let’s get in touch.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you promote New Year sales?

Promoting New Year sales involves leveraging multiple marketing channels, such as linear and streaming television and digital advertising. It’s crucial to offer compelling promotions that align with common New Year resolutions and customers’ post-holiday spending habits. 

How do you celebrate the New Year with customers?

Celebrating the New Year with customers can be rewarding as consumers look to spend their holiday money and gift cards. Creative video messaging via linear and streaming TV and digital channels is the most effective way to reach this audience. Remember to align your marketing efforts with the spirit of renewal and resolutions that the New Year represents and offer exclusive promotions so viewers can get the most out of those gift cards.

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