NFL Draft: Why Your Brand Should Be Advertising with TEGNA & Locked On’s Sports Coverage 

With a niche audience – like those following the #NFLDraft with TEGNA’s Locked On Podcast Network – brands are able to not only have a non-intrusive way to distribute messaging but also see higher engagements rates and increased loyalty. Here’s how your brand can draft up a new winning campaign for the upcoming NFL season.  

Meredith Cunningham Published: April 22, 2022

It seems there is a podcast for everything these days, and it’s good news for brands looking to advertise on the platform.  

While reaching niche audiences – like those following the NFL Draft with TEGNA’s Locked On Podcast Network – brands are able to not only have a non-intrusive way to distribute messaging but also see higher engagements rates and increased loyalty. 

And when it comes to the NFL, it’s no secret that these fans are passionate. They often turn to voices, personalities, industry-leading insiders, and hometown heroes who have the knowledge, the access, and the spark​ to keep audiences informed, excited, and ready to play ball.  

That’s where TEGNA’s Locked On Podcast can really make a difference for your brand. With 160 podcasts for teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and dozens of college teams, your brand has a unique opportunity to connect with fans in the community, their living rooms, at the games, and online.  

“Football unites. It brings families together. It brings friends together. It brings strangers together, all across the world. I think that’s something really special, unique, and should be cherished forever,” says Louie DiBiase, host of Locked On Eagles.   

Better yet, Locked On is putting up great stats in 2022.  

  • In March 2022 Locked On set a new network record for monthly audience hitting 16,740,426 listens and views combined, a 104% audience increase year over year. 
  • Audience growth continues to soar with Q1 2022 finishing 96% higher year over year. 
  • Locked On’s push in video podcasting is a driving force in the network’s growth with video views up 29% quarter over quarter. 

“It’s important for advertisers to recognize not only the power of podcasts but the power that sports podcasts have on audiences,” says Dave Neway, VP of Ad Sales Marketing at TEGNA. “Time and again, we’ve seen how engaged sports audiences are, and in this brand-safe environment, brands can thrive by aligning with big sporting events, from the NFL Draft all the way to the Super Bowl.” 

And speaking of the Super Bowl, the big game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals ran past expectations to become the most-watched show on Linear TV in five years with 104.4 million viewers (up 4% from last year’s game). 

Building on that success and kicking off the 2022 season with the NFL Draft, Locked On is ready to provide coverage to engaged audiences all across the country.  

“Live from the WFAA studios in Dallas, Locked On NFL will cover the NFL Draft on all three days, from the first pick to the last, with expert insights and opinions that only Locked On can deliver,” says Carl Weinstein, Chief Operating Officer of TEGNA’s Locked On Podcast Network. 

This coverage includes Mock Draft Mondays and Top 5 Player Lists with Eric Crocker (former AFL/NFL cornerback) and Ryan Tracy (Analytics Expert), The Ultimate Mock Draft Special Podcast with NFL Analyst Brian Peacock and former scout Matt Williamson, and Locked On NFL Draft Live (3-Days from Dallas Studios).    

Sound Good?  

The power of the NFL presents a unique opportunity for brands to see the unmatched reach of passionate fans with unique messaging and a halo effect. With 64 stations in 51 markets, award-winning journalists, and coverage from Locked On, TENGA stations are uniquely positioned to help your brand reach its goals no matter what business you are in. Let’s get in touch. 


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