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Third-Party Cookies Giving You a Headache? TEGNA AudienceOne Relieves Common Targeting Pain Points in Marketing and Advertising Campaigns Using First-Party Data

At TEGNA, we see the industry’s move away from third-party cookies as an opportunity to innovate. Today we’d like to introduce you to TEGNA AudienceOne, a new solution to help our advertising partners tap into the power of our first-party audience data to help reach valuable target audiences for your product or service. How can your brand use this new level of targeting sophistication in a consumer-and-privacy-first approach?

Meredith Cunningham Published: December 7, 2022
Third-Party Cookies Giving You a Headache? TEGNA AudienceOne Relieves Common Targeting Pain Points in Marketing and Advertising Campaigns Using First-Party Data image

In February 2020, when Google announced it would be deprecating third-party cookies, the move to begin future-proofing marketing and ad campaigns began. The move signaled the shift in brands starting to collect and use first-party data. 

What is First-Party Data?  

This unique data set is collected by a brand from its customers, with consent, from activity on its website, apps, emails, and loyalty programs. The types of data collected can include demographic or location information, such as age and marital status, where you live or work, as well as your interest in specific products or content the brand offers.  

With this owned data, brands can better provide their customers with a personalized experience, leading to better business outcomes. In fact, Think With Google found that advertisers using first-party data for key marketing functions see up to a 2.9x revenue uplift and a 1.5x increase in cost savings.  

What is TEGNA AudienceOne? 

Launched in 2022, TEGNA AudienceOne is one of the only first-party targeting solutions in the local media landscape. It allows our partners to make meaningful connections with high-value customers reaching target audiences across TEGNA’s Local Broadcast Websites and Mobile Apps, as well as our OTT streaming apps. Targeting can be based on household demographics, contextual behaviors, and buying behaviors and can be used in conjunction with our digital solutions, including Audience Targeting, Geofencing, Retargeting, and Conversion Tracking. 

Why Use TEGNA AudienceOne 

For brands of all shapes and sizes, TEGNA AudienceOne offers a brand-safe, fraud-free audience targeting solution utilizing first-party data sourced in a privacy-compliant way. It also solves several other pain points on top of the depreciation of third-party cookies, including:  

Pain Point: Advertisers put their brand at risk when they invest with publishers that aren’t laser-focused on brand safety. In today’s world, a brand’s bottom line could suffer tremendously if they are seen supporting misinformed and potentially harmful content.​ 

  • Pain Relief: TEGNA AudienceOne is a digital audience solution that prioritizes brand safety and gives brands more control over their media buys.​ Our partners have more control of their brand than ever before and can choose which content their ad campaign runs adjacent to on a more granular level. 

Pain Point: Ad fraud is prevalent in the digital advertising industry and is projected to impact $31B for American advertisers in 2022. Agencies and their clients cannot waste valuable dollars on non-human interactions. ​ 

  • Pain Relief: All of TEGNA’s platforms are TAG Certified Against Ad Fraud. In concert with our 100% NewsGuard Green rating, these certifications demonstrate that TEGNA actively fights fraudulent and criminal activity in the digital advertising industry. ​TEGNA AudienceOne is transparent by design, so clients and agencies can feel confident that their ads are being viewed by real people — not bots.  ​ 

Paint Point: Marketers and agencies need efficient and accurate ad tech solutions that reach target audiences and allow them to serve the right personalized message to the right audience segment.​ 

  • Pain Relief: TEGNA AudienceOne creates a personalized experience for visitors based on observed behavior and, in some cases, combines with industry-leading data sources to determine interests and demographics. It ensures consumers see ads that are likely more relevant to them. This creates a better experience for visitors and an optimized and more effective advertising campaign for clients.​ 

About TEGNA  

TEGNA’s innovation is among the first local media publishers to offer a forward-facing advertising solution that uses first-party audiences. To learn more about TEGNA AudienceOne, contact us to team up with one of our media marketing experts.   


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