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3 Sustainability Campaign Ideas With Examples

An overwhelming majority of consumers are concerned about the impact of climate change and are more likely to do business with a brand that is committed to sustainability. At TEGNA, we offer our advertising partners a wealth of sponsorable programs and initiatives to help brands showcase their commitment to good – from KGW’s Good Energy campaign with OnPoint Community Credit Union to WUSA 9’s Eco9 partnership with Toyota, here’s what your brand needs to know to create a climate-friendly campaign.

Meredith Cunningham Published: November 28, 2022
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Today’s consumer is a mindful one. eMarketer found that 94% of consumers report being concerned about environmental sustainability or climate change. ​That means almost every consumer in America thinks about the environment and sustainability at some point when they shop.  

Known as the “Sustainable Shopper,” these consumers are very mindful of the brands they engage with. Broadly, this audience comprises college-educated non-parents between the ages of 25-34. They pay attention to a brand’s values and ensure that their values align before making purchases or engaging online. In fact, 59% have permanently boycotted goods or services from a company because they conduct their business unethically.  

More than ever, brands have been trying to meet consumers’ needs when it comes to making smarter purchasing decisions for the environment. ​But what is the impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions? Studies from GreenPrint, eMarketer, and YouGov Profile Peeks found:  

  • 82% don’t mind paying more for products that are good for the environment 
  • 77% are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy 
  • 54% have bought an eco-friendly cleaning product in the past year 
  • 45% have purchased an eco-friendly food and beverage product in the past year  
  • 24% want to purchase products free of harmful or synthetic materials ​ 
  • 18% want to purchase products with sustainable packaging​ 
  • 16% want to purchase locally sourced products 

How Can Your Brand Communicate your Commitment to Environmental Issues and Sustainability? 

At TEGNA, we aim to serve our local communities’ greater good – including our commitment to sustainability. For our advertising partners, we offer a wealth of sponsorable programs and initiatives, essentially giving you a megaphone to shout from the rooftops that your brand is committed to doing good, not just in the local community but nationwide. Here are a few examples:  

KGW Partners with Forth, OnPoint Community Credit Union for Good Energy Campaign 

Forth, a Seattle non-profit dedicated to increasing access to electric transportation partnered with TEGNA’s KGW for its EV Mobile Showcase, which provided test drives and information on electric cars, scooters, and bikes to underserved communities.  

Sponsored by OnPoint Community Credit Union as part of its ongoing Good Energy campaign, the credit union was able to let viewers know about its green auto discount offers for new and used electric or hybrid vehicles.  

A win-win-win all around!  


12News Partners with Tide to Showcase Ways to Fight Climate Change at Home 

In April 2022, Tide and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) teamed up with 12News’ Arizona Midday to create awareness for Earth Month. For the 3-minute segment shown on-air and hosted on, Sheila Bonini, Sustainability Expert at WWF, shared tips and tricks for saving energy (and money) while doing laundry at home, such as simply switching to cold water!   


WUSA 9 & Toyota Make History with First-of-its-Kind ECO9 TV News Truck 

In a groundbreaking partnership with Toyota, WUSA9 introduced ECO9, the station’s first-of-its-kind eco-hybrid news car, a heavily modified, low-emission Toyota Highlander that boasts 35 miles per gallon and is powered by lithium-ion batteries. As a launch partner, Toyota is able to create environment-friendly brand awareness with linear, streaming, and digital segments, as well as on-site community events. Better yet, Toyota’s commitment to sustainability is broadcast to a large audience hungry for environmental stories.   


Sound Good? 

What’s your brand purpose? Whether it’s helping the environment, providing disaster relief, or fighting against hunger, we can help create and amplify your efforts. Contact us to learn how we can help your brand lead with purpose and serve the greater good of your community.  

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>