Trend Time: Is Your Marketing Reaching Cause-Driven Consumers?

Is your brand’s marketing reaching the socially responsible consumer? These insights can help! With 64 local news stations in 51 markets across the country, let the marketing experts at TEGNA help you amplify your brand’s charitable efforts to reach cause-driven consumers this holiday season.

Meredith Cunningham Published: November 29, 2021

Is your cause marketing working for your socially responsible customer? More and more consumers are interested buying from companies that give back to social causes – especially during the holidays. Use these insights collected by #TeamTEGNA to make sure your brand is reaching this growing audience. 

A study from Porter Novelli found that 72% of consumers say it’s “more important than ever” to purchase from companies that reflect their values, and the Blackhawk Network found that 60% of consumers are looking to buy from companies that give back to charitable causes. Additionally, 68% say they will purchase gift cards that benefit philanthropic endeavors. Meanwhile, the Integer Group says that 57% will support brands that give back to local communities rather than supporting global or national causes.  

How will these consumers know the causes your brand supports? Advertising & News. The Integer Group survey found that 40% of consumers hear about a brand’s charitable efforts through advertising, while 28% hear about it through news media.  

With 64 local news stations in 51 markets across the country, let the marketing experts at TEGNA help you amplify your brand’s charitable efforts to reach cause-driven consumers this Holiday Season.  

Sound good? 

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