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3 Tips from Team TEGNA on How to Reach Those Ready for Summer Vacation 

With 82% of Americans in a ready-to-travel state of mind, millions of consumers are planning their summer vacations. With family trips and mental health getaways being top of mind for many Americans, is your brand prepared? Here are a few tips from Team TEGNA to capitalize on summer travel.  

Meredith Cunningham Published: April 7, 2022

After two years of limited travel, many Americans are starting to feel an increased sense of normalcy, with 63% admitting they often feel life should go back to normal despite the pandemic. This positive mindset translates into big travel plans this year, as 82% of Americas are in a ready-to-travel state of mind, among the highest levels it has been since the pandemic era. 

Is your brand ready for the influx of summer travelers? From theme parks and zoos, landscaping to HVAC, retail to ice cream shops, and everything in between, now is the time to begin prep for consumers heading out on summer vacations.

Here are three tips from Team TEGNA to capitalize on summer travel. 

Know the Consumer Mindset

Family travel is at the top of most Americans’ plans this year. Nearly 2 in 3 travelers say family travel is something they are highly excited about. Meanwhile, 9 in 10 agree that travel helps them improve their mental health. 

As such, average travel budgets have increased by $200 to $4,100 – but at the same time, they’re looking to save money too. Nearly half (44%) of travelers will research and compare hotel and rental prices, while also looking for better deals​, flexibility such as rescheduling and cancellation options, as well as loyalty programs with points and perks.

Be Seen and Build Brand Awareness

Thousands of brands have benefitted from aligning messaging with TEGNA affiliates through broadcast, OTT, and digital platforms. Both broadcast and streaming TV advertising drive interest and awareness that kicks off the consumer journey with broad market reach to motivate action and create a spike in search.  

For example, Malik Mingo of WWL’s Great Day Lousiana hosts a program called One Tank Trips which gives viewers a first-hand look at the local activities, attractions, people, and cuisine that make each area of New Orleans so special. Several brands, such as Visit Baton Rouge, The Battle House Renaissance Mobile and Spa, French Quarter Phantoms Tours, and Buccaneer State Park have partnered with One tank Trips to reach and engage potential travelers.

Measure the Results to Maximize Campaign Effectiveness

TEGNA Attribution allows brands to measure the effectiveness of their TV and OTT campaigns by connecting viewing behaviors to engagement metrics, such as website visits, app downloads, and physical visits to a brick-and-mortar location. TEGNA clients will now know who saw an ad, then visited their website or physical location. This data can then be used to prove the value of TV/OTT schedules in driving business results, quantify the reach extension of OTT campaigns, make optimization decisions, and maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. 

For summer vacations, however, our partnership with Arrivalist takes travel data one step further. We provide enhanced attribution solutions for travel and vacation marketers by leveraging leading geo-location intelligence platforms. This allows us to bring advanced travel location attribution measurement capabilities to streaming OTT campaigns.​ 

Sound Good?  

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>