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KPNX & SpringBoard Recovery Step Up to End the Mental Health Stigma

Raising awareness for mental health issues has never been more important. Find out how SpringBoard Recovery teamed up with TEGNA’s 12 News in Phoenix to get the message out that those suffering don’t need to struggle, and that help is available.

Meredith Cunningham Published: October 6, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t done any favors for our mental health. At a time when our lives have changed dramatically, millions of Americans have faced depression and anxiety, grief, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Others have faced substance abuse issues, have had thoughts of suicide, and have had trouble with PTSD and other mental health issues.  

Fortunately, help is available. SpringBoard Recovery in Phoenix, Arizona, recognizes these problems and has partnered with TEGNA’s KPNX 12 News to help get the message out that help is available.  

Beginning in February, SpringBoard began its first of several campaigns on 12 News. The non-profit was featured during Broadcasts, Arizona Mid-Day segments, on OTT, as well as banner and pre-roll ads on SpringBoard was also featured in 12 News’ Word of the Day Olympic coverage, in which they shared motivational quotes to inspire those in need to get help.  

For example, in one segment aired on 12News’ Arizona Midday Lifestyle show, host Destry Jetton sat down with Robert Castan, CEO of SpringBoard Recovery, to talk about how addiction affects a family structure plus how to get help right away. Other topics discussed on Arizona Midday with SpringBoard Recovery experts include PTSD and mental health, military appreciation, and the effects of COVID on alcohol abuse.  

“These are sensitive topics,” said Denise Miller, Local Sales Manager at 12 News. “They’re not things that are openly talked about on-air and to be able to find a nice way to make sure that people understand that they do have options and that they’re not alone, is a huge part of what we are trying to accomplish with SpringBoard Recovery.” 

And the message is being received. Through TEGNA Attribution, we know that there has been an increase in brand awareness, and visits to the website reaching out for help.  

“With TEGNA Attribution, we know that we’re driving traffic to their website and we know that we’re driving people to their location, said Miller. “And, through other feedback, we know people are calling SpringBoard and are asking for help.” 

This success, Miller says, is in part due to hyper-targeting and full integration between broadcast and digital platforms.  

“Broadcast is a big megaphone in the market, and then the digital elements that come after it really hyper-target that message,” said Miller. “Then, with Arizona Midday, the segments really expand the conversation into a longer format so that viewers can get more detailed information on each one of those topics.  


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