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Spencers TV & Appliance Team Up with KPNX for Big Olympic TV Giveaway

Spencer’s TV & Appliance encouraged its customers to see the Tokyo Olympics bigger and better than ever — the retailer gave away 65-inch TVs to 12 lucky people in the greater Phoenix area. Here’s how TEGNA station and NBC-affiliate KPNX helped amplify this message and improve brand recall for Spencer’s.

Meredith Cunningham Published: July 17, 2023

Established in 1973, Spencer’s TV & Appliance has grown to become the go-to appliance store in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas. This success didn’t happen overnight, however. Founder Rick Biederbeck has spent years cultivating relationships with customers – something that helps the appliance retailer compete with the big box and national chain stores.  

The employee-owned retailer also has a great relationship with KPNX, TEGNA’s Phoenix affiliate (also known as 12News). “Spencer’s has been working with KPNX for decades, so we have a symbiotic relationship,” says Anthony Conti, Director, Digital Marketing at Spencer’s.  

“We are always giving back to the community, and we are 100% red, white, and blue. Any opportunity we have with KPNX to do something community-driven that represents our country, like the Olympics, we’re definitely on board,” says Conti.  

Spencer’s Partners With KPNX 

Gearing up for the Games in Tokyo, Spencer’s put its trust in the creative team at KPNX to help promote the Olympics while also communicating that Spencer’s carries the best electronics equipment available – and is the place to go if you want to watch historic Olympic moments on a brand new 65-inch TV. 

“There really wasn’t any hesitancy in signing up for an Olympic campaign with KPNX,” says Conti. “They’ve always been a great partner, and whether it was Olympics or not, we trust them to point us in the right direction,” says Conti. 

While only 12 lucky entrants won a new TV, the campaign was also an excellent opportunity for Spencer’s to build its brand name and increase sales. As Jim Schroeder, Account Executive at KPNX said, the goal of the giveaway was to lead viewers to say well, I didn’t win a TV, but now I’m excited to watch the Olympics on a new TV, then they’ll go to Spencer’s and buy a new TV.”  

“I think the saying ‘rising tides raise all ships’ is how our partnership has worked over the years. We trust that 12News always has our best interests in mind, which puts us in great company,” says Conti.  

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>