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TEGNA AudienceOne: A First-Party Data Audience Targeting Solution

At TEGNA, we see the industry’s move away from third-party cookies as an opportunity to innovate. We want to introduce you to TEGNA AudienceOne, a new solution to help our advertising partners tap into the power of our first-party audience data to help reach valuable target audiences for your product or services.

Meredith Cunningham Published: April 7, 2023

The technology for audience targeting and measurement within digital advertising is under transformation, putting first-party data in the front seat as consumers and state legislation demand more privacy-centric solutions.

With these changes, our advertising partners face new challenges in reaching valuable target audiences. With a promise to provide audiences as diverse as the communities we serve, TEGNA is leading the industry with one of the only first-party audience-targeting solutions in the local media landscape: TEGNA AudienceOne.

Google reports advertisers using first-party data for key marketing functions see up to a 2.9x revenue uplift and a 1.5x increase in cost savings​. Therefore, TEGNA AudienceOne collects audience data on previous browsing behavior that helps identify audience interests in an effort to drive campaign success for digital advertisers. This audience data is not collected from or shared with a third party.

How TEGNA AudienceOne Works

Used with TEGNA’s Local Broadcast Websites, Mobile Apps, and Audience Marketplace extended reach solutions, TEGNA AudienceOne is a Customer Data Platform created to collect first-party data, build relevant audience targeting capabilities, and activate advertising campaigns.

Not only does TEGNA AudienceOne allow our advertisers to target relevant audiences by household demographics, but it also allows agencies and brands to securely transfer their own audiences to TEGNA within industry-standard clean rooms. As first-party audience solutions evolve within the programmatic economy, TEGNA AudienceOne is ready to support both the supply side and the buy side.

Additionally, we comply with IAB standards and are TAG Certified against fraud, ensuring a brand-safe advertising experience. As a result, our clients will see advertising that leads to better outcomes, a solution that is future-proofed by design, multi-platform operability, and a solution that prevents ad fraud.  ​

TEGNA AudienceOne was launched in October 2022 and is rapidly growing amongst local and national advertisers. TEGNA collected over 25M audience profiles and is able to target over 50M active users during the average month. It works in six steps:

  1. A user comes to a TEGNA station website, mobile app, or CTV app​ such as or the 12News+ app on their smart TV.
  2. User profiles are created based on the user’s activity with TEGNA’s content.
  3. Throughout the user experience, TEGNA AudienceOne continues to collect browsing and viewing activities on TEGNA platforms.
  4. User profiles are developed into audience groups, including occasional enriching with industry-standard databases​ for additional attributes.
  5. Audiences are securely transferred to TEGNA’s ad servers for targeting within campaigns.
  6. The advertiser connects with highly qualified audiences​ that drive business outcomes.

TEGNA AudienceOne Success 

While still in the early days of TEGNA AudienceOne, we are seeing positive results in revenue generation and campaign performance. Since its launch, TEGNA advertisers have seen an average increase of click-thru rates of 18% on video campaigns and a 20% increase in display campaigns over previous non-AudienceOne campaign standards. For example, one of our clients in Pennsylvania ran an employee recruitment campaign that delivered a 100% increase in CTR comparing their campaign prior to TEGNA AudienceOne.

Sound Good? Partner with TEGNA Today! 

TEGNA AudienceOne is among the only first-party audience targeting tools in the local media industry that combine demographic and contextual data to enable our partners to reach target audiences with confidence and scale. Sound Good? Let’s get in touch.

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>