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TEGNA Honored with 4 Nominees in AdExchanger & Ad Monster’s 2023 Top Women in Media and Ad Tech Awards 

We have some great news to kick off the month of May! TEGNA’s own Allison Girvin, Jess Daigle, Angela Mai, and Megan Watkins have earned nominations for 2023 Top Women in Media and Ad Tech, an awards program hosted by Admonsters and AdExchanger. Learn more about our amazing nominees and everything they do to keep us and our customers in such good company.

Meredith Cunningham Published: April 28, 2023
TEGNA Honored with 4 Nominees in AdExchanger & Ad Monster’s 2023 Top Women in Media and Ad Tech Awards  image

Content Captivators
Allison Girvin, Senior Director of Streaming 

With the rise in streaming TV viewership, the local news landscape is changing quickly. Luckily, Allison Girvin, Senior Director of Streaming, is on Team TEGNA to help navigate this new and ever-changing landscape.   

Girvin was key in launching TEGNA’s 2.0 Streaming+ apps to 64 stations in 51 markets in May 2022, replete with fresh content available to stream 24/7. Girvin identified that viewers crave more TEGNA streaming content outside local news, weather, sports, lifestyle shows, and investigative specials. To help meet this consumer need, Girvin stood up a team responsible for creating central content for all TEGNA’s stations, each with its unique needs. This includes parenting content such as MomSquad (out of WKYC in Cleveland), a feel-good series, HeartThreads, and lifestyle shows such as Cooking With Styles (out of CBS 8 in San Diego).  

On top of content creation, Allison and her team create breaking news content that all TEGNA stations can insert between newscasts. For example, her team created a streaming program surrounding President Carter’s recent health news and offered a live stream of the  Alex Murdaugh trial.   

Thanks to the highly engaging content Girvin and her team create daily, TEGNA garners more than 15 million minutes watched each month and more than two million video plays each month. Moreover, overall time spent with our station apps exceeds 200 million minutes watched each month, and our average viewer watches more than 60 minutes per session, returning to our streaming apps at least twice a week.   

Data Demystifers
Jess Daigle, VP of Sales Intelligence 

Jessica Daigle is a visionary leader that built TEGNA Attribution’s capabilities from the ground up. What began as four pilots in 2017 has transformed into the most scalable, comprehensive outcomes-based measurement solution on the market for linear and CTV today.  

TEGNA Attribution allows our partners to measure the effectiveness of their TV and OTT campaigns by connecting viewing behaviors to engagement metrics, such as website visits, app downloads, and more. Customers utilizing TEGNA Attribution understand who saw an ad and then visited their website due to this exposure. With this data, Jessica empowers our advertising partners to measure and optimize their campaign goals, including:   

  • Reaching new audiences
  • Increasing brand awareness & perception 
  • Driving traffic to websites and apps   
  • Creating leads and generating sales   

By scaling TEGNA Attribution to include measurement of over 50B impressions and 50M+ website/app visits for 3,000 clients, Jessica is now on the front lines working with technology partners to build out the future of TEGNA Attribution with Brand Lift Studies and using first-party and vertical-specific solutions to super-serve our partners.    

Attribution is a complex subject, and as the product leader for TEGNA Attribution, Jessica is incredibly talented at distilling highly technical information into language everyone can understand. She brings physicist-level brilliance to assessing situations, diagnosing core opportunities and challenges to develop workable solutions. She seamlessly connects with all levels of the organization, from the C-suite to recent college graduates, and in doing so, Jess encourages collaboration, builds bridges, and invites feedback from everyone to create the best outcomes for our clients.  

Up and Comers
Angela Mai, Senior Programmatic Yield Manager 

As the Senior Programmatic Yield Manager at TEGNA, Angela’s impactful contributions showcase that she is on the rise to be a total boss in ad tech and media. Starting her journey at TEGNA in 2015, Angela has demonstrated qualities and skills that led to several promotions. Angela is dedicated to the growth of TEGNA’s programmatic business, has extensive programmatic knowledge, engages with TEGNA’s teams across multiple departments, and has refined organizational skills. All of this has allowed her to be successful in her field. 

For the past four years, Angela has been a member of the Culture Committee, which includes participating in employee engagement and culture-related activities. Her passion for TEGNA’s mission of giving back to the local communities and within TEGNA’s own internal employee communities shines through her efforts within her committee appointments. One of her favorite initiatives was coordinating a donation event for the North Texas Food Bank. She assisted in planning, organizing, and executing the event, resulting in over 200 pounds of nourishment for those facing food insecurity.   

In 2022, Angela started her management path at TEGNA. With a Programmatic Account Manager reporting to her, Angela has showcased her leadership and mentorship abilities by ensuring the Programmatic Account Manager has the resources to be successful. Angela’s leadership and forward-thinking has allowed her to grow within TEGNA.   

Up and Comers
Megan Watkins, Marketing Specialist 

A marketing Swiss army knife, Megan has been a key stakeholder in generating incremental revenue since joining TEGNA’s B2B ad sales marketing team as a marketing specialist in 2021. Megan has grown quickly in her position and has taken on a wide range of responsibilities, proving to be extremely adaptable – a quality derived from her time in the NBC Page Program, wherein participants rotate to different roles and responsibilities every three months.   

Megan’s value may best be demonstrated by managing one of the company’s most valuable assets: The TEGNA Marketing Library, an internal database accessible across TEGNA’s 64 stations in 51 markets. To date, she’s trained 250+ TEGNA sales employees and hosts seller focus groups to collect feedback on what improvements in the Library database would be most beneficial to sellers. 

Expanding in her role on the Demand Generation team, Megan is the project manager for post-sale execution of multi-market lifestyle show activation. In this role, Megan is key in planning leading creative meetings between clients and producers, filming logistics, scheduling air dates with sales fulfillment, and more. These integrations involved anywhere from two to 27 markets with clients like Verizon Technologies and TaxAct.   

Finally, Megan takes the lead in planning and executing the B2B marketing team’s internal and external events. Externally, this includes TEGNA’s appearances at the MMA Global’s The Future of Data event, in which we launched TEGNA AudienceOne, TEGNA’s new first-party data targeting solution; Cynopsis’ Top Women in Media Awards; and Ad Exchanger’s Programmatic IO event. Internally, this includes VIP B2B client events at our stations with select advertising partners.   

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