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TEGNA Station Spotlight: Celebrating WLTX News Anchor Darci Strickland, Her Commitment to Trusted Journalism, And What That Means for Advertising Partners 

In celebrating Women’s History month, we’re shining the spotlight on TEGNA’s WLTX’s Dari Strickland, her commitment to providing trustworthy journalism, dedication to community service, and what that means for brands that advertise with WLTX and TEGNA affiliates.  

Meredith Cunningham Published: March 6, 2023

Continuing the legacy of amazing females in broadcasting passed down from Georgia Davis, founder of TEGNA’s KTVB in Boise, Idaho, Emmy-Award-Winning Darci Strickland is one of the most popular TV news anchors at WLTX-TV in Columbia, South Carolina. Her infectious smile and commitment to community service are only outweighed by her passion for serving the people through her work at News 19. 

Darci joined WLTX-TV in 1997 and currently co-anchors the Noon broadcast, Friends at Five with Andrea Mock, and co-anchors the 6 pm broadcast with J.R. Berry. In addition to her role as anchor, she frequently works on special assignments and is the main spokesperson for Buddy Call 19, a station project aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer and the need for monthly self-checks. In addition, she also spearheads the recognition of great educators through the Teacher of the Week awards. 

Strickland’s commitment to providing trustworthy journalism and dedication to community service is just one factor in why so many viewers turn to WLTX for the local news and information they need – from weather, traffic, sports, and all the news in between. Reaching millions of viewers on-air and digitally, Strickland demonstrates just what it means when we at TEGNA say, “be in good company.”  

Trustworthy News & The Halo Effect  

Trust is a crucial currency for TV and advertising, and local broadcast news is tops in the category. Among its findings, TVB found that local broadcast news is the most trusted platform for viewers – and that trust halo extends to brands that advertise alongside this trusted content.  

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to trust – and buy from – brands that advertise alongside sources of information they trust, such as local TV news stations. The theory is that these brands benefit from the halo effect, which, in this case, can be described as the news’s positive influence on the brand advertiser. For example, if a viewer has a positive picture of WLTX and Darci Strickland, the more likely viewers are to have a positive outlook on a product or service advertised on that channel.  

Hometown Heroes 

Another example of the halo effect can be demonstrated with Hometown Heroes. This program, sponsored by Hardee’s, celebrates local non-profits, good samaritans, social justice warriors, essential workers like firefighters, and more. With so many people reporting that the news is all bad news, these feel-good stories are what audiences want, and, in the case of the Hometown Heroes sponsorship, Hardee’s is there to celebrate these heroes and, at the same time, showcase its commitment and brand purpose to the local community. This is important for a few reasons, as 2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose research found that when consumers feel alignment with a brand’s purpose, they are:   

  • 4X more likely to purchase from the brand     
  • 4.5X more likely to champion the brand and recommend it to others 
  • 4.1X more likely to trust the company    

What Does This Mean for Brand Advertisers?  

Simply put, consumers increasingly trust their local news teams, especially as stations like WLTX and friendly faces like Darci Strickland continue their commitment to serving the greater good of their communities through trusted journalism and community service.  

For advertisers that partner with local news stations to amplify their messages, whether via Broadcast, Streaming, or Digital – the benefits are many, including: 

  • Building brand awareness  
  • Generating trust and developing a good reputation
  • Connecting to live & local audiences to expand reach
  • High ad recall & purchase intent  

Advertising, especially alongside trusted local news broadcasts, reaffirms a brand’s place in the community and showcases that your brand can also be trusted with the right amount of frequency and exposure to target audiences. By aligning with the unique content opportunities that TEGNA offers, your brand has an opportunity to be the talk of the town. 

TEGNA delivers proven results through simplified multi-platform advertising solutions that connect your business to the audiences that matter most via Broadcast TV,  Streaming Advertising, and Digital Solutions, including Targeted Display & Retargeting,​ as well as campaign measurement ​and optimization with ​TEGNA Attribution. ​TEGNA stations also offer a variety of customizable content sponsorships, as illustrated above.  

Let’s get in touch if you’re thinking of amplifying your brand’s TV efforts or joining TEGNA affiliates to serve the greater good of our communities. 

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>