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What is Geoquesting in Marketing?

Could geofencing be the biggest marketing trend in 2019? It certainly is creating a lot of buzz in the burger business, and now, Burger King and McDonald’s have beef.

Meredith Cunningham Published: December 12, 2018
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It’s not every day that Geofencing makes national headlines – and things are heating up in the burger world.  

Taking after Wendy’s aggressiveness towards competitors on Twitter, Burger King announced its new Whopper Detour promo in the beginning of December – and now Burger King and Mcdonald’s have some major beef.

In the campaign, Burger King geofenced 14,000 McDonald’s locations across the country, targeting Mcdonald’s guests with the BK App on their phones. Once inside a McDonald’s location (or 600 feet away from one), guests with the BK app will receive an instant offer to get a Burger King Whopper for just a penny. Burger King’s goal is to encourage and motivate McDonald’s guests who aren’t “loving it” to head to Burger King and ‘have it their way.’

A Top Trend in 2019?

“Conquesting competitors is certainly not a new advertising technique. However, being able to do so by using location-based technology is a recently growing trend,” says Chris Fehrmann, Vice President of Digital Products at TEGNA.

Better yet, the numbers show that consumers are comfortable sharing their location data, as long as the data provides them with, or enhances a valuable experience – such as a one-cent burger. eMarketer’s 2018 Location Intelligence Report cites a November 2017 study that found 42 percent of respondents would use an app with location data more if it meant a more relevant experience with it.

Those numbers are very encouraging and could make a big difference for local advertisers heading into 2019.

“Being able to target a location where a high concentration of customers will be located, then track their geolocation, post-ad exposure, to measure lift into a brick-and-mortar location is a game changer for local advertisers,” says Fehrmann.

It’s shaping up to be a game-changer for Burger King too.

Burger King’s CMO Fernando Machado told CNN Business that upwards of 50,000 users have taken advantage of the deal, propelling the BK app up the iTunes charts from ninth to first place. Machado also estimates that this campaign has already seen about 20 times more redemptions than any other promotion.

What Can Geofencing Do for YOUR Business in 2019?

With the big burger bosses elevating both geofencing and competitive conquesting to a new level at the end of 2018, what can your business do to capitalize on this new lucrative trend in 2019?

No matter the industry, Katherine Yape, Product Manager for TEGNA, says you need to go for it. “Geofencing allows advertisers to stay in front of potential customers while they are in the buying process, and is a great advantage for any marketer to have in their tool kit.”

For example, auto dealerships can target consumers at competing dealerships; home services like a roofing specialist can target areas hit by a winter storm that might need repairs; personal injury lawyers could target an emergency room or a car repair shops; a university could target students visiting or touring another university; health care facilities could target industry events to recruit new doctors to the practice. The possibilities are only limited by a marketer’s own imagination.

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