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Travel & Tourism Advertising: What Do Consumers Want to See? 

Crafting the perfect creative for your ad campaign can be a challenging task. How do you know what your target audience wants to see?   

Meredith Cunningham Published: September 8, 2023
Travel & Tourism Advertising: What Do Consumers Want to See?  image

Our new e-book, “Taking Off: Understanding Today’s Leisure Traveler,” has uncovered some insights straight from the sightseers, tourists, passengers, visitors, and globetrotters themselves.  

Here’s what they had to say when we asked, “If you were to create your ideal vacation commercial, what would it include?” 

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Cinematic Escapism 

Understanding Today’s Leisure Traveler” found that the top motivator for leisure travel is rest and relaxation. The day-to-day is stressful, and we all deserve time to cut out the noise, escape reality for a few minutes, and just relax. It should be no surprise that viewers want to see commercial creative appeal to this sentiment.  

Suggestions from our respondents include: 

  • “An ideal vacation commercial will showcase peaceful waterscapes or evening cityscape views from a balcony, clean, crisp, relaxing massage or spa scenes, and lots of greenery.​”
  • “A lady is sitting on a lounge chair on the beach. With a remote, she mutes everyone in the background except for the sound of the ocean.”
  • “A coconut falls from a nearby tree, making​ a quiet thud on the beach. The stars look like a blanket above, and the word Perfection appears on the screen.”​
  • “A stunning location with luxurious accommodations, a range of activities and entertainment options, relaxation opportunities, exceptional service, and hospitality.”

Include Realism 

While everyone dreams of an all-inclusive getaway at a luxury resort, it’s not a realistic possibility for all, especially with the inflation concerns in our e-book.  

With this in mind, some consumers want to see more affordable ads closer to home and less crowded than big, main event attractions and destinations. Suggestions from our respondents include:  

  • “I want it realistic for the ordinary family, not some pipe dream that will cost my year’s salary.” ​
  • “It would include realistic depictions of the advertised area and information about where to find more information online.”
  • “I think they should include amenities and realistic pricing ranges. It’s hard to know what comes with packages from commercials.” ​ 
  • “Less traveled areas that are family-friendly and not expensive. Showing real family destinations obtainable for the middle class, dining, and how to get there. Locals and their lifestyle and links to any cultural information we should know before we go.” ​ 

Give Details to Spark the Planning ​ 

While the e-book uncovered that most travelers get a good chunk of their information from local news to begin planning their trips, those with wanderlust would also benefit from planning details embedded within ad creative.  

  • “It would include everything from ​the idea to planning to execution. ​A step-by-step mini clip walkthrough of the trip.”​
  • “I would include the cost and an idea of what to visit in the commercial so people could start planning their vacations.”​ 
  • “It would include all planning elements, including airfare and lodging. It would also incorporate value through either a discount or promotion.”​
  • “Something that clearly shows the prices, what to expect, how to book or plan for the trip, and a website/ number to use.”​ 

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