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5 Travel & Tourism Ads to Inspire Your Next Creative Video Campaign 

In the captivating realm of travel and tourism, where the allure of places near and far call out, the power of video advertising holds a remarkable sway.

Meredith Cunningham Published: September 8, 2023
5 Travel & Tourism Ads to Inspire Your Next Creative Video Campaign  image

Our new e-book, “Taking Off: Understanding Today’s Leisure Traveler,” found that video content is unmatched in influencing travel planning and purchase intent, making a compelling video campaign essential in reaching leisure travelers and attracting them to your destination.  

Let’s embark on a journey of inspiration as we unveil five extraordinary travel and tourism advertisements that have mastered the art of sparking wanderlust and igniting the desire for exploration. These ads serve as a treasure trove of ideas, showcasing how the fusion of imagination and marketing prowess can pave the way for unforgettable campaigns that beckon travelers to pack their bags and set forth on their next great adventure. Here are five travel and tourism ads from Team TEGNA to inspire your next creative video campaign. 

1. Great Day Houston Inspires Viewers to Visit Frisco 

Lifestyle marketing is a great way to attract visitors, of course, with the help of the halo effect. Partnering with local news organization KHOU, the city of Frisco, Texas, appeared on Great Day Houston to educate viewers on all the fun and exciting things to do – from sports and live music to shopping and dining. What else would you want from a trip that is only a four-hour drive from Houston? 


2. Hitting the Augusta Wine Trail with Friends and Family  

Getting together and catching up with family and friends is a big reason for travel, and this 30-second spot produced by KSDK plays on that sentiment, encouraging viewers to create memories and celebrate milestones with loved ones. At the trail’s end, viewers are encouraged to visit the Augusta Wine Trail’s website to learn more.   


3. WXIA Piques the Interest of Viewers to Discover Dahlonega 

Appealing to the rest, relaxation, and slower pace that travelers today crave, this 30-second spot positions Dahlonega as a hidden gem with a lot of “something worth discovering.” Produced by WXIA, this creative spot provides relatable themes and fun for the whole family in what might not be considered a typical vacation hot spot.  


4. KPNX Encourages Viewers to Explore Cochise County 

Another little-known destination, Cochise County in Arizona, wants to change all that. Highlighting everything the county has to offer, this 30-second spot produced by KPNX aims to bring in several demographics: wine enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, young families, and more.  


5. Texas City Tourism Wants You to Pick Ellijay

Taking Off: Understanding Today’s Leisure Traveler” found that 48% of tourists want to visit a destination they can show off on social media. Playing into this sentiment, this spot produced by WXIA shows just what visitors can expect and provides examples of how to formulate their posts.  



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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>