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Last-Minute Digital Tactics to Capture E-Commerce Sales on Black Friday

This holiday season, a strong digital strategy will be a must-have. TEGNA’s digital platforms offer an opportunity to meet consumers wherever they are online, especially while researching gift ideas. Katie Yape, Product Manager, explains how TEGNA’s digital products can help your brand reach its holiday goals.

Meredith Cunningham Published: October 18, 2022

This holiday season, experts predict that the Delta variant of COVID-19 may keep many Black Friday shoppers at home and online. According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales on Black Friday will rise 22.9% to 10.96 billion in 2021, capturing 5.3% of this year’s holiday retail e-commerce sales.

For marketers, this means a strong digital strategy will be a must-have, and TEGNA’s digital platforms offer an opportunity to meet these online prospects and customers wherever they are online – especially while researching gift ideas.

“When you’re using all of the products that TEGNA has, your brand can have your message seen by someone, no matter what they’re doing,” says Katherine Yape, Product Manager at TEGNA.

“From linear and OTT to our digital products like Audience Marketplace, you can reach consumers at all touchpoints of the funnel. Whether that’s when they start research for the holidays, or if they visit a store to see an item in person, or if they bookmark an item to keep their eye on,” says Yape, “that’s where Audience Marketplace will make a big difference.”

That’s because Audience Marketplace utilizes TEGNA’s Local Websites & Apps, precision Audience Targeting, Geofencing, and Retargeting capabilities to make sure a brand’s message reaches a targeted audience that is highly likely to be interested in, and engage with, its products and/or services. With these targeting capabilities, Yape says that brands will also avoid wasting impressions by making sure that messages are hitting the most relevant audience.

Holiday Creative Best Practices

The holidays are a busy time for all, so on top of the challenges brands face being seen, it can be hard to stand out creatively, which is very important. With this in mind, Yape offered a few best practices regarding holiday ad creative.

“I’ve seen a lot of ads where the brand puts everything you could possibly find out about the advertiser in the ad – the phone number, the address, the website,” Yape explained. “Nobody is going to write all that down. Instead, people will Google your brand name and figure you out from there.”

Therefore, according to Yape, “The creative has to be catchy. You only have a small amount of time to capture their attention, so you don’t want information overload. Just be sure to have a click-through that takes them directly to your website where they can learn more information.”

Why Choose TEGNA for Digital Campaigns?

It all comes down to our good people.

“We have teams that will create your campaign from start to finish. We’ll be monitoring the campaign and optimizing it throughout so your brand reaches its goals – whether that’s increasing website traffic, having high click-through rates, getting conversions, or tracking visits to a brick-and-mortar location,” says Yape. “It’s not something that we set and forget.”


To learn more about how TEGNA can help your brand achieve success with digital marketing campaigns, let’s get in touch.

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>