Good Work: How By The Yard Generates Results with Quirky Commercials

Find out how Leah Steidl with By the Yard, a small Minnesota family-owned business that creates maintenance-free outdoor furniture from recycled milk jugs, generates results with quirky commercials and a great partnership with KARE 11.

Meredith Cunningham Published: April 13, 2021

What does it mean to be in good company? For 17,000 advertisers who rely on TEGNA, it means they have access to good people doing good work, using great data that drive measurable outcomes. It also means forming great partnerships with local businesses across the country. 

One of those great partnerships TEGNA has is with Leah Steidl of By The Yard, a small Minnesota family-owned business that creates maintenance-free outdoor furniture from recycled milk jugs. It’s a partnership that has spanned years with TEGNA’s Minneapolis affiliate KARE11, and one that has seen impressive results. 

“When we first connected with KARE we were looking to grow our business, but in a way that really stayed true to who we are. We were looking for someone to partner with who would stick to our brand, stick to our voice, but really elevate it and amplify it,” Steidl says. The team at KARE did just that.

Getting Noticed with Fun & Relatable Commercials

As an Olympic Sponsor since 2008, By The Yard worked with KARE to create a series of light-hearted and fun ads that had many people taking notice. In the :30-second ads, which ran during the Games in London, By The Yard showcased its outdoor furniture competing in Olympic events, such as swimming and skiing. 

“Our goal in Olympic sponsorship has always been to create memorable campaigns and stay true to our brand. We are a small, family-owned business and it’s really important that we represent that,” Steidl says of the famous ad. In fact, some By The Yard family members can even be seen in some of the spots, giving it that real hometown feel.

“We love it when we have customers come into our showrooms or wherever they see us and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I remember when I saw your chair swimming in the pool’” says Steidl. “That’s always our goal, to create a memorable, funny, kind of, tongue in cheek campaign. We just create that moment for them and it kind of gets them talking and keeps us top of mind.”


Doing Good Work with Good Data 

By the Yard knew their ads were effective in bringing people to the store, simply by talking to their customers. But what about future campaigns? Today with TEGNA Attribution, Steidl and her marketing team will now know exactly how many people are in the store, or on their website, as a result of seeing future campaigns they run with KARE11. 

“TEGNA Attribution is really just so exciting. We are now able to see our commercials on TV and know when a customer has gone to the showroom or visited our website. This is going to be a true game-changer for us and really help us hone in on our marketing efforts.” 

She adds, “we’re a growing company and we are expanding into other markets. It’s so great to have this resource and connection to be able to buy media effectively in other markets.”  

Sound good?

Brands looking to align with Olympic content that showcases unity, triumph, victory, and the power of inspiration can contact us today to learn more and be part of this amazing journey.


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