Recruiting 101: How Christian Brothers Automotive Uses TEGNA to Acquire New Talent 

Christian Brothers Automotive franchisees have teamed up with TEGNA’s KHOU to help meet their hiring goals and acquire new, talented employees in 2022 using fully integrated marketing tactics.  

Meredith Cunningham Published: January 20, 2022

In the first 10 months of 2021, more than 39 million Americans handed in resignations. With such a reduced workforce across the country, experts predict that 2022 will see a double-digit increase in brands looking to acquire new, talented employees through marketing.  

Blair Jordan, Franchise Owner of two Christian Brothers Automotive locations near Spring, Texas, is one brand owner looking to acquire new talent in 2022, and he’s excited to utilize the resources and expertise of TEGNA’s KHOU to help reach hiring goals.  

“Recruiting is important to us. Just as we want to partner with TEGNA for brand awareness to our customer base, it’s just as important that we partner with TEGNA for brand awareness to the technicians and the teams in our offices,” says Jordan.  

“Our team has been so lucky to partner with KHOU over the past two years, and one of our franchisees’ current business challenges – and I think many people are going through this today – is recruiting great talent and retaining great talent,” says Kate Gardiner, Director of Regional & Local Marketing, Christian Brothers Automotive. “KHOU has always been very considerate of our goals at the end of the day, bringing us strategies that we maybe hadn’t considered before and being very thoughtful in how we move forward with our advertising.” 

After meeting with Nicole Bordelon, an Account Executive with KHOU, the team decided to create advertising to meet its franchisees’ hiring goals in 2022 by utilizing Linear Broadcast, Streaming, and digital tactics that will include geofencing, and data measurement with TEGNA Attribution.  

With TEGNA Attribution, Jordan and Gardiner will be able to see deep insights to prove the value of the recruiting campaign by collecting real-time data for TV, Streaming, and digital ads. This data will then be used to prove the campaign’s value in order to make optimization decisions and maximize the efficiency of paid media. 

“One of the really important things as a small business owner is to be able to measure every dollar that you spend in marketing, and make sure it’s providing a return,” says Jordan. “Partnering up with KHOU and with TEGNA on this process has given us the ability to see the return and see the effectiveness. Instead of counting our losses or our wins after the fact, they’re bringing us real data, which is helping us to understand that the dollars we’re spending are working. We work with TEGNA to make sure that those dollars aren’t wasted, because every dollar in small business is precious.” 

“These tactics will really allow Christian Brothers franchisees to reach any part of the community, in any community, that they need to,” says Bordelon. “We’re fully integrated within the home office marketing team to make sure that franchisees are successful both here in Houston and really anywhere in the US.” 

Sound Good?  

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