Should Your Brand Continue Advertising During Times of Uncertainty?

With overseas conflict, rising inflation, continued supply chain woes, labor shortages, and rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, American businesses can’t help but feel anxious at this point in time. Despite the inclination to go dark in the face of uncertainty, now is actually an ideal time to dial-up brand advertising. History shows there’s a reward for companies who are bold and strategic with their advertising efforts in challenging and/or precarious times.

Meredith Cunningham Published: April 4, 2022

Uncertainty. It’s a word we hear more often than we’d like. With overseas conflict, rising gas prices and inflation, continued supply chain woes, labor shortages mixed with an exploding job market, and unpredictable consumer confidence, American businesses can’t help but feel uncertain 

Despite the anxiety that uncertainty may engender, now is actually the perfect time to ramp up brand advertising. History shows there’s a reward for companies who are aggressive with their advertising efforts in a recession. 

As some companies halt advertising efforts amid the uncertainty, there’s less clutter in the marketplace, making it an opportune t time to reposition your brand or introduce a new product. With less clutter, it’s easier to stay top of mind, which is crucial to instilling brand loyalty and increasing market share.  

However, brand messaging during this period needs to be especially empathetic. Marketers around the world agree that now more than ever, having the proper creative is imperative to success, and striking the right tone has never been more important.​ It’s no surprise, then, that cause marketing has proven to be a winning strategy in these times, as more and more consumers look to purchase from companies that reflect their values and give back to charitable causes.  

Where these messages are placed is just as important as the creative itself. In times of uncertainty, local news becomes an even more powerful place for brands to show up, as it has emerged as one of the safest environments for advertisers and is a proven and powerful vessel for brand messaging. According to the IAB: 

    • – 84% of consumers feel that advertising within news increases or maintains brand trust 
    • – 45% more likely to visit the brand’s website or search for more information online 
    • – 43% more likely to consider buying it 
    • – 41% more likely to talk about the brand with family or friends 

TEGNA is leading the local news industry with a commitment to providing consumers with trusted accurate information, and clients with advertising environments that are fraud-free and are rooted in brand safety. TEGNA offers a variety of feel-good opportunities to help consumers overcome worry and headline anxiety, such as Heartheads, Moments of Zen, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and more. 

Why Advertise with TEGNA?  

Working with TEGNA and advertising during the height of the pandemic in 2020 was beneficial for a number of our partners, including Hooley House, a restaurant in Cleveland; Georgia Natural Gas; non-profit Points of Light, and several others. What can we do for your brand during these uncertain times? Let’s get in touch. 

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