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What is Brand Lift & Why Should My Business Measure It?   

With TEGNA Attribution, we can deliver data for mid-and-lower-funnel KPIs – such as website traffic increases and conversions – by connecting ad viewing metrics to website traffic. By adding Brand Lift Studies to the marketing mix, we can measure the impact on top-of-funnel metrics, such as brand awareness generated from a Premion CTV/OTT campaign. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: March 10, 2023
What is Brand Lift & Why Should My Business Measure It?    image

How exactly can marketers measure the effectiveness of their ad campaign? What should they be looking for? TEGNA Attribution can help answer these sometimes complex and nuanced questions by connecting streaming ad viewing to actions. In other words, TEGNA Attribution connects the dots between those who viewed an ad, then visited the brand’s website as a result.   

Today, we’re offering even more. With TEGNA Attribution’s Brand Lift studies, marketers can go deeper to understand the true impact of their streaming TV campaigns on Premion, a leading CTV/OTT advertising platform.

“Our goal is to be able to provide a measurement solution for every advertiser at every stage of their customer journey,” says Jessica Daigle, Vice President of Sales Intelligence at TEGNA. “Our brand lift studies allow us to measure brand awareness, recall considerations, and purchase intent. We can slice and dice that data by the important levers to us, whether it’s creative or audience segment, allowing us to optimize our streaming ad campaigns further.” 

How Brand Lift Studies Work 

Using privacy-safe exposed and control surveying​ tactics conducted across thousands of partner websites, two groups are retargeted and incentivized to complete a survey. One group was exposed to a brand’s streaming ad; the other was not. Brand Lift is then calculated by comparing the exposed and control results to survey questions, which ask about:  

  • Aided Brand Awareness/Brand Recognition: Which of the following brands are you aware of? Multiple-choice answers would include your brand and a set of two to five competitors. 
  • Brand Consideration: If you’re in-market, which of the following brands would you consider purchasing from? Multiple-choice answers would include your brand and a set of two to five competitors.  

Other optional KPIs you can include are Ad Recall, Purchase Intent, Brand Familiarity, Favorability, Preference, and more! 

Benefits of Measuring Brand Lift 

Although every business is unique, a few goals are always the same, no matter the industry.  

“With this new tool, Brand Lift, we can measure the impact of a Premion streaming TV ad campaign on brand awareness,” says Daigle.” From there, we can then decide, based on the study, how we want to optimize moving forward.” 

Armed with these data points, Daigle points out that advertisers can pull critical insights to optimize campaign creative further, calling it “the cherry on top of our customer journey attribution funnel.” 

“We could find that certain creatives are actually really driving brand awareness, or we could find that creatives aren’t resonating,” Daigle adds. “We could also find that when we use audience targeting, we’re hitting the right customers to drive that brand awareness and can be able to double down on that.” 

Before Brand Lift, brands hadn’t had access to this top-of-the-funnel positioning to say, “we are driving traffic, generating leads, and growing our brand – and we can see it.”  

Who Will Benefit from Measuring Brand Lift? 

Measuring brand lift is ideal for large business-to-consumer brands with high reach running a branding campaign that will last at least three months. Because time is needed to conduct the survey and collect the data, seasonal events won’t be able to generate enough data to see results.  

Brand Lift is more for brands that focus on one brand with multiple locations – not several brands under one parent company umbrella in several locations. In pilots, retail chains, QSRs, large healthcare systems, and financial services have seen promising results.  

Brand Lift Success Stories 

Dave Marquard, Head of Product at Premion, illustrated a few success stories on the Premion Blog and MediaPost from our pilot launch. Here are a few of the highlights:  

  • We recently conducted a brand lift study for an emerging online credit lender that measured the impact of our CTV campaign on consumers’ attitudes toward the brand.  The study revealed that adults aged 18 years+ who experienced a major life event reached by the campaign showed a lift in brand awareness of 40% among females and 121% among males, with more than a 23x lift in purchase intent among males.  
  • For an online casino, our brand lift study measured a +353% increase in ad recall and +258% increase in brand consideration among adults 21+ after campaign exposure in legal online gaming markets. 
  • For a leading home furnishings retailer, we measured the impact of our CTV campaign on consumers’ attitudes toward the brand. The study revealed that adults aged 25-54 reached by the campaign were almost 3x more likely to be aware of the brand, and almost half would consider purchasing furniture from the retailer after exposure to the campaign. 

About TEGNA 

If your brand is ready to get started with TEGNA Attribution and find out if Brand Lift is right for you, let’s get in touch. 

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>