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Your Brand Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Major TV, OTT, & Digital Coverage ​

The weather can literally brighten your day, shift plans, dampen spirits, or even pull a community together in the aftermath of its wrath.​ Watching weather reports is a daily ritual and an essential factor in our decisions. When it comes to your brand, being part of the local weather forecast can create an optimal climate for contextually relevant brand messaging. ​That’s where TEGNA can help make it rain. 

Meredith Cunningham Published: March 17, 2023

Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or sunny skies for days, millions of Americans depend on their local TV meteorologists for the weather reports that affect their daily lives.  

From Emmy-award-winning meteorologist Krystle Henderson at 12 News in Phoenix to KARE 11 meteorologist Guy Brown in Minneapolis, TEGNA’s local weather teams create a unique bond with millions of loyal users who depend on us to provide accurate, real-time weather forecasts so they can make informed decisions about their day.​ 

Better yet, our award-winning, industry-leading meteorologists anchor a whole lot more than just weather news. They ground their communities with a commitment to local needs and causes, helping fulfill TEGNA’s mission to serve the greater good of our local communities, such as KARE 11’s WeatherMinds 

Being part of TEGNA’s local weather forecasts in our 51 markets nationwide will have your brand made in the shade.  

With consistent, highly visible branding​, the following sponsorship opportunities organically intercept consumers during a time of need and create a ‘go-to’ consistency that can build a brand’s affinity as a community partner​.  

  • First Impression Sponsorship. With the First Impression Sponsorship, your brand takes top billing, literally, atop each and every TEGNA station’s weather page.​ 
  • Integrated Weather Headlines. With a sponsorship of Weather Headlines, you ensure your brand is alongside key information and with an engaged audience every step of the way. ​ 
  • User-Generated Weather Stories. ​When the weather comes alive with photos and videos from each station’s community, your brand can be a partner in sharing all these user-generated stories across every TEGNA market.​ 
  • Severe Weather Sponsorship. ​It’s weather news at its most crucial, where any minute things can change, and every moment could save a life. With Severe Weather Sponsorship your brand is there as a trusted and valued partner. ​ 

Local news has emerged as one of the safest environments for advertisers and is a proven and powerful vessel for brand messaging.​  According to the IAB, 84% of consumers feel that advertising within news increases or maintains brand trust, and 45% are more likely to visit the brand’s website or search for more information online.   

Adding to the credibility of our weather teams, all TEGNA platforms – linear TV, streaming TV, digital and mobile — are TAG Certified Against Ad Fraud. Our clients can feel confident that we are providing a brand-safe, fraud-free environment for their media spend.​  

Sound Good?  

If your brand is ready for sunny skies, let’s get in touch!  

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>