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Good Work: Driving Great Results with Honda of Seattle and KING5 

“I think I know what our customers want, I think I know what they need. But with TEGNA Attribution we can find out really what works and what doesn’t work and we can constantly tweak it and try new ideas and put new creative out there and see what the market is really receptive to,” says Tim Miller, General Manager of Honda of Seattle, who has partnered with KING5 for more than five years.  

Meredith Cunningham Published: March 17, 2022

Tim Miller, General Manager at Honda of Seattle, likes to try a little bit of everything when it comes to marketing his dealership. He’s experimented with everything from email campaigns to local media campaigns, but not all campaigns deliver the same results. That’s where TEGNA’s KING5 and Account Executive Emil Paguia come in.  

“We like to try it all, but not everything’s a fit,” says Miller. “KING5 and TEGNA keep us in good company because they look after us. We have a very trustworthy partnership, and it’s important when you’re spending a lot of money that you trust the person that’s representing all of your dollars.” 

Paguia is that trustworthy person, and it’s a role he’s proud to be as he worked with Miller to try and win back customers that were purchasing vehicles from other Honda dealers within close proximity.   

“To me, keeping clients in good company really means applying lessons that we learn on a local, regional, and national basis,” says Paguia. “We worked together so I could understand why they were losing market share, and then we came up with a customized solution to send out a very specific message and reach people in their direct marketing area.” 

This solution included many moving parts, but OTT, Attribution, and a Best of Western Washington sponsorship all proved to have great results.  

“What I love about OTT is that our clients know and have confidence in the fact that they can get to their audiences in a very targeted manner, with a commercial that is non-skippable,” notes Paguia. “Then, what I love with attribution is that I can look my clients directly in the eye and in black and white terms, explain to them the effectiveness of their investment in KING 5 and our solutions and how we’re able to drive their engagement to help them achieve their goals.” 

 “I think I know what our customers want, I think I know what they need,” says Miller. “But with TEGNA Attribution, we can find out really what works and what doesn’t. We can constantly tweak it, try new ideas, and put new creative out there to see what the market is really receptive to.” 

“There are so many media partners out there that just give you a product, and you don’t really feel like you’re collaborating,” Miller continues. “With TEGNA KING5, you’re able to actually sit down at a table and come up with the creative together. It’s not cookie-cutter. There’s no one solution for everything I ask Emil, but he’ll bring in different ideas and different people to accomplish what I’m looking for.”  

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Through industry-leading data and local audience expertise, TEGNA creates media strategies that lower your cost per unit sold, increase sales, and improve ROI. We are the largest owner of Big Four affiliates in the top 25 markets among independent station groups and reach approximately 39 percent of all TV households nationwide. We also offer online advertising solutions for dealerships so that you can extend the reach and ROI of your TV advertising campaigns.

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    Ready to be in Good Company?

    Ready to be in Good Company? Let’s Connect >>