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Craft a Complete Ad Campaign with Linear and Streaming TV Advertising

Linear TV and streaming advertising work together to create successful, high-performing campaigns. Here are 7 advantages of a cross-platform strategy.

Meredith Cunningham Published: May 11, 2023
Craft a Complete Ad Campaign with Linear and Streaming TV Advertising image

Americans love watching TV, but which platform reigns supreme? Linear broadcast or streaming?

 A recent report from Insider Intelligence found that we spend an average of 3 hours and 7 minutes watching linear TV and 3 hours and 2 minutes per day watching digital video, which includes streaming TV/OTT/CTV.

But with such an even split between time spent with linear TV and streaming TV, what does that mean for your brand’s marketing and advertising strategy?

We know that TV advertising is extremely effective, especially as it’s the second-most profitable advertising medium in the US. But, as viewing habits change quickly, brands that thrive in this ever-changing viewing ecosystem run campaigns combining linear broadcast and streaming platforms.

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What is the difference between linear and digital/streaming tv advertisements?

Linear tv advertisements are the ads seen on broadcast channels that follow a plan of pre-scheduled programming. Digital/streaming tv advertisements are the ads seen on digital/streaming platforms via an internet-connected device using real-time consumer behavior. 

Contrary to popular belief, linear TV and streaming don’t work against each other. They act as the perfect complement to each other – a match made in heaven. Here are a few of the advantages a cross-platform campaign can provide.

7 Advantages of Combining Linear & Streaming TV

A Linear/OTT campaign is the best way to capture a large and diverse audience no matter how they watch TV.

1. Remarkable Reach: Reaching 95% of US households, no other platform can reach as many households and target audiences as broadcast TV. Local broadcasts can cover key areas at the local level (91% can view live local broadcast news on at least one TV set in the home), while streaming offers reach extension, further exposing advertising to an unduplicated audience at the regional, state-wide, and national audiences. 

2. Leverage the Power of Local: Local TV news, sports, weather, and feel-good content spotlighting local heroes and good Samaritans, is an extremely effective way to reach a targeted and engaged audience. Not only is local news a brand-safe haven for marketers, but it also helps to build trust and credibility, creates a connection in the community, and provides a wealth of high-value sponsorship opportunities.

In fact, TVB recently found that local broadcast news is the most trusted platform for viewers – and that trust halo extends to brands that advertise alongside this content. Additional studies show consumers are more likely to buy from brands that advertise alongside sources of information they trust.

 3. Advanced Targeting: While your brand can reach a large and engaged audience through broadcast advertising, streaming adds an extra layer of targeting and scale to capture audiences that can’t be reached through linear alone – like the cord-cutters, cord-nevers, those that watch on gaming consoles or through streaming sticks, on CTVs, or laptops. With streaming, you can narrow your target audiences based on DMA or geography, from regions and states all the way down to ZIP codes, consumer trends such as interests, intenders, in-market shoppers, and more.

4. Big Results for the Big Screen: On top of that, a study from MediaScience found that viewers pay more attention to TV and streaming ads on a big screen than their mobile counterparts. The study also found that ad recall is 2.2 times higher and purchase intent is 1.3 times higher when an ad is viewed on a big screen. 

5. Measurable Results with TEGNA Attribution: Lack of effective measurement is no longer a limitation to TV advertising, as linear and streaming ad campaign results can now be measured with a tool like TEGNA Attribution.

This measurement tool allows our partners to measure the effectiveness of their TV and OTT campaigns by connecting viewing behaviors to engagement metrics, such as website visits, app downloads, and more. TEGNA clients will now know who saw an ad, then visited their website. This data can then be used to:

  • Prove the value of TV/OTT schedules in driving business results
  • Quantify reach extension of OTT campaigns (in 82 measured linear TV markets)
  • Make optimization decisions
  • Maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns

 6. The Flexibility to Make Optimizations: Backed by data that TEGNA Attribution provides for linear and streaming, campaigns can be optimized to produce even better business outcomes. For example, let’s say the numbers show that your ad, shown on Sunday mornings, isn’t generating any website traffic. However, that same ad generates a ton of traffic when it’s being shown in the evening news. You can then make the data-driven decision to adjust dayparts and programming to generate the best results and eliminate any ad dollars that aren’t producing.

 7. Drive Greater ROI: Last but not least, data from the Advertising Research Foundation indicates that using more platforms, rather than attempting to choose one platform over another, is the best way to increase marketing ROI. This is called the “kicker effect,” whereby marketers strategically combine media for up to 60 percent more return.

Video consumption and advertising opportunities continue to evolve, and so must advertisers. Viewers have many options, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find your target consumer. When considering your TV advertising budget and media plan, remember both broadcast and streaming have important places in an effective integrated marketing plan.

Sound Good? Partner with TEGNA for Advertising Today!

TEGNA delivers proven results through simplified multi-platform advertising solutions that connect your business to the audiences that matter most via linear TV, streaming advertising, and digital solutions, including Targeted Display & Retargeting,​ as well as campaign measurement ​and optimization with ​TEGNA Attribution. If you’re considering a complete cross-platform TV advertising campaign, let’s get in touch.

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